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The Mutilation of Christ
04/22/10, 13:08

Norwegian metal... from Finland... uh, OK.
Flavor Flav Autotune
01/07/10, 15:39

Did he just promise his woman they'd be together until one of them ended up in a Hearse?

Canary in a Coal Mine
01/27/09, 18:53

Rad. The Police make my nipples erect.
Blind Melon- Change
01/27/09, 18:47

Shannon Hoon had one of the greatest voices. Damn.
Horrible cover of 'Crazy Train'
12/17/08, 14:49

Yes, it's awful. But it does my rockstar heart good to see kids doing this instead of emulating Justin Timberlake or Avenge Sevenfold.

It Hasn't Happened Yet
10/08/08, 16:57

People look at me askance when I tell them the Shatner album is actually good.

Shatner > God
Rush Hour
05/05/08, 19:42

Jane Wiedlin is boneriffic.

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