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Jet Bin Fever

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The Smiths - Ask
10/14/13, 11:30

North Korean Test Card Music Compilation
10/12/13, 11:04

This is really excellent. Thanks!
When I'm Clownin'
10/08/13, 11:01

ICP fans have no idea what music should sound like.
CVMC (Cada vez mas cerca)
09/26/13, 14:46

Don't we already have enough American Apparel ads on this site?
He Was a Big Freak
09/26/13, 14:45

you can always edit the spelling. I kind of like Fresk though.
The Homecoming Queen's Got a Gun
09/23/13, 14:57

Whoa! I never noticed what a rack she had. I guess thats the difference between me now and 15 or so years ago when I saw this last.
Dat Kump Der Now Van
09/19/13, 14:02

Man, shame this is on 73q. People need to see this!
Just A Honky Tonk Man
09/18/13, 08:51

I really loved this guy as a kid. My taste in wrasslers was very refined.
Neil Zaza - Take on Me
09/16/13, 12:21

Big deal, I could do that too if I wanted.
Belle and Sebastian - Funny Little Frog
09/08/13, 18:12

I liked this album a lot. I think it is one of their best.
Cookie Thumper
08/27/13, 03:28

I know it's pretty much what they've done over and over, but that isn't really a bad thing.
Invader Invader
08/21/13, 10:03

The Shibuya-kei tag doesn't belong on here. Despite a little bit of production similarities, it is clearly a straight of j-pop song, not sophistipop/lounge/bossa Shibuya-kei type.
But yeah, I like it anyway. I got the torrent on a lark, and it is kind of fun.
Be Kind to Your Neighborhood Monsters
08/16/13, 06:20

Great stuff.
The Wave
08/16/13, 06:14

I like these guys. Is this album worth getting though? I have their first, which is pretty good. What do you think?
Lalala no Pipipi
08/16/13, 00:33

I both love and hate the Hello! Project stuff. It's both extremely palatable and distasteful at the same time.
08/14/13, 00:02

YES, this is the JAM!
Having an Average Weekend
07/29/13, 23:46

One of the first songs I learned to play on the guitar. Still fun too.
Venice Beach
07/29/13, 23:24

I think these guys have been calling this Genre of music "Outrun". I'm not sure why, but whatever the kids call it, I like it a lot.
Barkley Shut Up and Jam Gaiden - Theme
07/29/13, 23:22

Oh man. I loved Impulse Tracker. Sadly, I quit messing with tracking back in ST3 days so didn't do much on IT. I love mods though. Nostalgia like crazy listening to something like that.
07/22/13, 12:16

Man, I'm getting old.

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