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Jet Bin Fever

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03/01/13, 02:06

nope, not yet. I must have missed it
03/01/13, 01:46

My personal favorite Geinoh Yamashirogumi is Osorezan. It's pretty fucking terrifying.
Take a Chance on Me
02/27/13, 15:17

Aww if you post anything from Abba-esque it should be Lay All Your Love On Me. Now that is a classic vid.
Perfect Day
02/26/13, 23:14

yep, and it didn't help that they're all incredibly good looking and fashionable.
Victory Dance
02/26/13, 22:59

And I thought Stryper was bad. They look like Iron Maiden compared to these guys.
Perfect Day
02/26/13, 17:12

I love DD. Fuck haters, because they did all their own shit and did it better than their contemporaries.
A little piece of heaven
02/23/13, 12:29

A little piece of heaven
02/18/13, 20:50

Hahaha! Hot Topic must love these guys. I don't know though, because it has been easily 10 years since I was in one, if not longer.
Momus - I was a Maoist intellectual
02/14/13, 16:48

I think I heard that story before somewhere. I used to read his blog a lot, but sometimes it was a little too much for me. I once had a dream that I was listening to records with him and his Japanese girlfriend in Berlin and I forget what else happened. That was a while ago, but I remember it because who the fuck dreams about Momus.
Momus - I was a Maoist intellectual
02/14/13, 09:53

I think losing his eye actually made him look less creepy somehow. I guess it balanced out that chin.
Am I Evil?
02/13/13, 19:20

Great track. I don't care much for tapping solos, but its still a lot of fun.
In a Lonely Place
02/12/13, 10:05

I don't quite understand this whole complete version stuff. i thought the track was fine before anyway. I guess some JD fans just really wish they had more material to listen to, so any minor differences in versions is lauded.
After the Watershed (Early Learning The Hard Way)
02/08/13, 16:59

Hell I'll put it up!
After the Watershed (Early Learning The Hard Way)
02/08/13, 16:58

Blocked in the US, weird.

And is Sheriff Fatman up here anywhere? That's my favorite Carter USM.
Welcome To The Show (Prod. by J Dilla)
02/08/13, 16:06

There are other places you should go to promote your stuff. Not here.
New You
02/07/13, 21:23

I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy with this album. 22 years is a long time to wait for new MBV, but it was worth it.
The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face (NSFW)
02/04/13, 18:48

Full of Fire
01/29/13, 02:52

I like the idea of the Knife a lot better than their actual music sometimes. This is one of those times.
Dream Girl/Sky Surfer
01/24/13, 03:43

Gracias fedex. You're my go-to guy these days for music tips.
The Ex Girlfriends - We Are The Party - featuring Lupe Fuentes.
01/15/13, 20:13

Oh, she's a porn star. Thanks Google.

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