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Jet Bin Fever

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Barkley Shut Up and Jam Gaiden - Theme
07/29/13, 23:22

Oh man. I loved Impulse Tracker. Sadly, I quit messing with tracking back in ST3 days so didn't do much on IT. I love mods though. Nostalgia like crazy listening to something like that.
07/22/13, 12:16

Man, I'm getting old.
shut the fuck up you goddamned dorks
07/01/13, 07:56

Oh hi waugh.
The Impossible Dream
06/22/13, 22:53

Great for Jim! Makes me happy!
Thicke of the Night
06/22/13, 22:51

oh, says so in the tags. I thought you guys missed that somehow. Nevermind.
Thicke of the Night
06/22/13, 22:51

It was a talk show for a short time.
I'm Still A Slave
06/20/13, 14:40

So wonderfully noisy. Its really different from alot of his other stuff. Thanks!
Haruomi Hosono - Super Xevious
06/12/13, 23:53

Man, we really need more Hosono up here. He's one of my all time favorites.
I Was Wrong
06/12/13, 23:30

Thank you so damned much.
i'm a mummy
06/11/13, 10:57

Awesome! I'm going to add this to my Halloween playlist.

The beatnik part was awesome.
Frosty The Snowman
06/02/13, 23:53

I had no idea they made a video for this. What a terrible decision!
Doin' It Right
06/01/13, 13:13

I have a list of about 10 albums to buy and this is at the top of the list. I just hate the digital download stuff so have been putting it off till I order a bunch of stuff together.
05/31/13, 00:25

I will gladly send this to everyone I know.
Universal Radio (Live)
05/31/13, 00:20

Bwahaha. Nina Hagen. I forgot all about her.
Super Nova
05/30/13, 15:59

Oh absolutely. I love that stuff!
Beta Eyes
05/30/13, 14:52

Secular Haze
05/25/13, 00:56

This is totally lame, but you gotta give him props for trying out such a silly costume.
05/22/13, 03:23

Whenever someone says they don't like Steve Winwood, I point them toward Traffic.
Froggy's Lament
05/06/13, 12:19

I thought this would've been up here. 5 stars for B&G. Man, terrible but somehow awesome stuff.
And shit, I guess I understand that magic twanger line now OZ.
Si Demain... (Turn Around)
05/06/13, 01:27

Her voice sounds her age while her face has been heavily modified not to. Oh, and she's a lesbian in this version? I guess that's an improvement upon being into guys with creepy glowing eyes.

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