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Dschinghis Khan at Eurovision 1979
03/16/09, 23:12

Bonanza Theme
08/02/08, 19:19

Hey look there's a cat over there BONANZA!/Little Joe's got 37 dead girlfriends BONANZA!/Everyone on this show is dead now BONANZA!
A Hundred Million Miracles 1961
09/08/07, 05:13

Babycakes: Be Aggressive
08/30/07, 16:55

...but not TOO aggressive.
Mindless Self Indulgence - Bitches (AMV)
08/25/07, 02:24

Pikachu bitchslapping HIMSELF??? Pokemon is some heavy existential shit.
Showbiz Pizza - Pop Lock and Drop It
08/25/07, 02:06

Moxy Fruvous - My Baby Loves a Bunch of Authors
08/24/07, 08:11

It's like I've been saying for years: Gabriel Garcia Marquez' name is perfectly constructed for use in song lyrics.
Michael Jackson - Earth Song
08/15/07, 03:51

Dammit, Michael, you're not Captain Planet. We can tell by the fact that they never did an episode where Mahti learned about bad touch.
American Moments of Maybe
08/02/07, 15:49

I can't believe Douglas ended up beating Lincoln in the election. You'd think "LINCOLN: He can goddamn breathe fire" would be the perfect campaign slogan.
Baby Gramps: Big Rock Candy Mountain
07/29/07, 12:29

I can only hope I'm so full of life when I get to 80.
Baby Gramps on David Letterman
07/29/07, 10:51

I want to buy this man a drink. His throat is a didgeridoo!
Da Shatner Funk
07/28/07, 22:07

Inner energy? You've been hanging around Nimoy too much, Bill.
and one - panzermensch transformers amv
07/23/07, 15:41

So what you're saying is, you have no strong feelings on this issue.
A Chipmunk Christmas: slow speed
07/18/07, 23:15

He just wants a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuula hooooooooooooooooooooop.
The Chipmunks - Girls of Rock and Roll
07/17/07, 02:44

Lies. Dave's ex-wife was a sick, sick woman with a woodland creature fetish.
The Chipmunks - Girls of Rock and Roll
07/16/07, 20:28

The 80's were an age of darkness and pain.
Gnarls Barkley Crazy Theremin Jam
06/26/07, 06:42

Godamn, but the theremin is an underrated instrument.
Holly Dolly - Oh Jesus Christ Get It Away From Me
06/13/07, 10:18

Leekspin came first. This thing is riding some coattails.
Black Out Band - Video Games
06/07/07, 09:40

I wanna play a video game about stabbing these guys.
Soviet Anthem
06/03/07, 03:07

Man, the Soviets had a long-ass anthem. I guess it fills the time during all those parades.


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