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Tags:Gang stalking, targeted individual, efant045, effervescent, ineffective government
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For someone who doesn't care, he sure seems to care a lot. Most of his vids appear to have 9 or so views, one guy who dislikes all of them, and it looks like he dumps a crapload of them on YT at one go every week or so.

It must be amazing to have someone to blame all of your failings on. Most people choose a minority or those who disagree with them politically, but I suppose at least this guy is using his imagination and unfilled need for medication to build a little world all his own.
Imagine, your tax dollars being used spying on this guy.
while tabbed out and sleep deprived, this guy sounds exactly like katey sagal.
Dude, I so agree with this guy. When I first got into this gangstalking thing I was promised a MINIMUM of 30 hours a week at great pay. I mean, admittedly, my job interview was over the phone with a distorted voice on the other end calling himself "Agent Falcon", but I trusted the dude. But, sure enough, after only a few months of gangstalking this one guy in Wal Mart, suddenly it's "Oh, we have to cut hours" and "Some of our supervisors question the need for this program at all." BULLSHIT.
Now all I get is maybe 20 hours of pointing a Mind Scrambler Ray into the window of some apartment downtown...depressing.
I hate to be the bearer of paradoxical news, but... Agent Falcon is you from the future. You invented the nanosnake three years from now while sitting in a bus station holding a sign that says "no" to stalk Romney's VP, who is also Agent Falcon, only from the past (I don't get it either).

Agent Painbringer,

Ya gotta hang in there bro. I was being jerked around just like you. Passed over for lab time, black balled from the probe room, refused agonizer beam training, you name it.

Two days ago, everything turned around for me! I was allowed to run the RomneyBot! Just wait until the debates roll around. You ain't seen nothing, yet!

I'm still agent riskbreaker no matter what, cuz it sounds cool. Now, who wants to gangstalk a guy living in some crappy apartment complex? Warning, i haven't take a bath in a week, so the scary random van might smell weird.

Wait...Agent Falcon is me in the future...and he's DEAD!!!


I've just received word from headquarters! We've been given temporary approval for a 5% increase in discretionary budget for the fiscal year! That means we can follow this worthless bag of failed genetic combinations around 24/7, just like before! Hooray for the CIA? Is THAT who is behind this? Hmmm?

From the video description (all of them, I think):

"These normal everyday things are exaggerated and amplified in frequency for the TI alone, such as: car horns, coughs, keys jiggling, red colors, water bottles, the name "John", etc."

At least he hasn't caught onto the other exaggerated things like wind, glass, sunlight, rocks, pants, and trees. The name John strikes me as odd. Maybe this guy's been arrested for soliciting prostitution one too many times?
This guy sounds exactly like my big fat black co-worker's big fat black mom.
What kind of wedding did either of them have?

(We've secretly replaced the usual reply with an open joke setup regarding a movie title. Will someone notice the difference? Let's watch...)

cant we lock these people up
They'd love that. They'd finally have concrete evidence someone in authority wanted them "out of the way," and we'd all be paying for it.

Not until they kill a movie theater full of people.

Big Muddy
Stalk CIS Scum
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