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Desc:She's actually covered in tattoos, taking over 6 hours in makeup to cover them up.
Tags:veronica mars, kristen bell, better actors
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Comment count is 17
I hate this because of the fucking ad I cant close at the beginning

no more funny or die
I miss the days when your kind only auto one starred Hulu clips.

sorry man but IMHO this sort of uncloseable ad hijacks any site its embedded on, and I call bullshit

Windows logo.
And "I heart Windows 95".

But her favorite tattoo is mine as well.

I get the sense that videos never actually "die" on Funny or Die.

What makes her a "better actor," FABIO? Which romantic comedy do you think was her best performance? Or is it because she can be so funny, like in this skit that was written by someone else?
Amazing this brought out so much random hate here, but the cake has to be given to Hooker's long standing grudge with this woman and claim that actors and their delivery are a non-factor in comedy bits.

Hey Hook, did you know Bill Murray never wrote a single movie he starred in?

My what? I don't have any opinion on her. I'm just amazed that you would call her a better actor for whatever reason.

And Bill Murray is a pretty bad example. He famously wrote Razor's Edge and, more appropriate to this, was a writer as well as a performer during his tenure on SNL. But I understand the point you were trying to make; what do you really like about Bell's work in this skit?

Get a load of this Arrested Development cast, prancing around like they wrote everything themselves! What a bunch of hacks.


What a fantastic piece of douchebag cunt that is.
For the one of the tattooed tween listening to the bands tattoo and ween on Tattooine.
Jet Bin Fever
Ahh, I get it. It's because she's pretty and blonde but has silly fake tattoos. How funny!
There's actually more than half a dozen varying jokes in there. Spot them! Like Waldo!

I have a theory that people auto 1 star anything with the Funny or Die logo and any woman resembling the cheerleader that shot them down. If you changed nothing but removing the logo and casting a vaguely cute obtainable nerd chick this would be solid 5s.

So here, I'm genuinely curious about peoples' tastes here.

Here's another Bell skit on here:


It's literally one single joke: an actor repeating catchphrases from a movie he was in. BUT it's not from Funny or Die and a fellow nerd is the focus.

Can't really walk away with any impression but "How DARE some hot glossy lipped blond girl try to be funny!"

I would five star this for FABIO losing his mind if I could. :(
Keep in mind this is the site that endlessly 5 starred a series of videos about an indie chick making poop jokes while dressed up as video game characters.

When it's a blond cheerleader type telling jokes? Instant bitter hatred.

I was expecting Kristine DeBell.
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