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Desc:Enjoy a Win95 BSOD on your 31' TV.
Category:Science & Technology
Tags:90s, gateway2000, destination, not dell
Submitted:Scrotum H. Vainglorious
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Comment count is 17
Oh man, can you imagine how awesome it's gonna be to play Doom on one of these suckers?!

These "Gateway 2000" people sound like they've got a lot of great ideas, and with a down to earth, people-oriented approach I trust! Perhaps I shall look them up this Holiday Season, see what other cutting edge home computing solutions they offer.
This was the shit back in the day. Look at that 640x480 resolution on that monitor. This was way ahead of its time.
Oh and those were CRT monitors.

Gateway computers were never "the shit"

Micron was where it was at.

Steam Big Picture mode is here.
"You probably want to tie in your VCR too."

"Laser Disk players."

"sales are likely to be slow, as the starting price is around ,000"
I got a Gateway around 1998 and didn't stop using it until 2005 or so.
That was continuous on time, I hardly ever shut it down.

gateway was the shit... i don't know if i believe you though

That wasn't continuous up time on the OS side, I had to reboot it all the time. But I rarely turned it off between 1997 and 2005 or so, just turned off the monitor when I wasn't using it. If I was going to be out of town for more than two or three days I'd shut it down but that didn't happen too often.

I haven't bought a desktop since, either, just been going strong on free Dell Optiplex towers, which are actually pretty good for Dells and are literally EVERYWHERE if you live in a city that has a university or two. They jsut throw them out every few years.

Laptop for Internet and movies, free Dells for recording.

I might actually still have one or two of the little foam cows that came with it, I wonder if that's eBay worthy now.


Recalled for being a choking hazard!

That's incredible. Illegal to resell under federal law?

Microsoft just now figured this out.
Man, Jennifer Hale is in everything.
Gateway had the only Windows Millennium computers that could be used as an actual computer.
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