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Desc:It's all the same, you know, North Korea, America. Kim Jong Un is a good guy.
Category:Crime, News & Politics
Tags:idiot, North Korea, Dennis Rodman, kim jong un, you fucking moron
Submitted:Rodents of Unusual Size
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Comment count is 34
Cena_mark - 2013-03-04
Ping Pong opened up China, perhaps Basketball could help with the North Korea problem.
catpenis27 - 2013-03-04
For a minute I thought Ping Pong was some political figure there.

fedex - 2013-03-04
no that's Cheech + Chong

Gmork - 2013-03-04
Oh lord no, with a money print jacket.

Just ask him something about his stupid trainwreck of a life and pretend you didnt actually invite dennis rodman to talk about north korea. You could predict a viral clip with a combination like that in your sleep. Here's another one: Mike Tyson reads Moby Dick
Old People - 2013-03-04
Mike Tyson is smarter than this guy, and more relevant. Also, he loves testing out big words*, so I think it'd be a treat to hear him read the classics.

*My favorite Tyson moment: A few years ago, the new, cleaned-up, repentant Tyson was being interviewed by a minor local reporter somewhere. The reporter was talking about some shady incident from the fighter's past, and asked him "what would you do if I said I think you're a coward?", to which Tyson replied, "well, under thothe thircumthtantheth I would athail you." The reporter quickly changed the subject.

Gmork - 2013-03-04
Well crap, I take it back. Mike is a misunderstood GRANDMA STAIRPUSHER ILL EAT YOUR CHILDRENS TESTICLES

STABFACE - 2013-03-04
Shorter Gmork: People are incapable of change.

CJH - 2013-03-04
anybody who saw the hangover is financially supporting a convicted rapist

Ocyrus - 2013-03-04
The guy is a former basketball player and Georgie-boy there thinks he should've been a journalist or a diplomat? Who's the dumb one?
Next, Charlie Sheen's (or some other celeb douche) going to go to the DPRK and be expected to hold Kim's feet to the fire on these issues to? Why don't we demand this from out government and diplomats, not has-been celebrities?
Rodents of Unusual Size - 2013-03-04
I have two theories. Either

a) Rodman is really just about the dumbest person alive and Vice is kicking itself for using him (not to mention horribly embarrassed by his total ignorance)


b) Rodman is a CIA tool who was told to befriend Kim because this is so ludicrous it just might be something those motherfuckers cooked up.

badideasinaction - 2013-03-04
I'd go with

c) Vice needed to get as cozy as possible so they could shoot what they're actually there to shoot, so Rodman's unconditional love of Kim was just the ticket. In a perfect world Rodman would be in on it all for the awesome footage they get from this "friendship", especially if it takes another trip.

Vice has learned the value in playing nice with people who've done rather bad things to get the story (paintball with Hezbollah, hanging with warlords in Liberia etc.) so this really isn't far off.

teethsalad - 2013-03-04
also, both kim jong il and kim jong un (and kim jong jam, the older brother) were huge 1990's chicago bulls fans - students who went to the same school as jong un in switzerland remember him being driven to paris for nba exhibitions, team jerseys being worn, and for having expensive basketball shoes they all were jealous of

they also tried to get jordan to come over, all of it underwritten by samsung - jordan turned them down

there's a photo of a young jong un wearing a rodman jersey on this here cybersphere if you'd care to look

Blue - 2013-03-04
Hello, this is Obama. I'd like to speak to the President. No, I do not want to speak to the military commander, I want to speak to the guy in charge.

You know what? Just have your dead grandfather call me if he wakes up.
misterbuns - 2013-03-04

it makes perfect sense that a professional basketball player would sympathize with a military dictator.

urbanelf - 2013-03-04

Hugo Gorilla - 2013-03-04
"One thing I noticed about him is that he's very humble."

As humble as you imagine a dictator that uses his country's resources to keep him and a select few in opulence while many North Koreans have to eat tree bark just to keep from starving to death, I'm sure.
Mancakes - 2013-03-04
Considering how tightly controlled the visits are for laypeople, they probably pulled the stops making the place not look like a shithole for an actual "celebrity". If I were borderline retarded and completely unaware about how the country really is behind the curtains, I'd likely walk away thinking it was an alright place too and the leader was getting a bad rap.
Hatman - 2013-03-04
Counterpoint: It's Dennis Rodman. They could've just lined the hotel windows with an aquarium background and he would have commented, "how beautiful the foliage."

They work a shit-ton harder on their stagecraft when actual journalists come to visit.

StanleyPain - 2013-03-04
Rodman's not that dumb. He took an opportunity in public to do something faux-shocking once again, just like the good ol'' days, so that now everyone talks about him for awhile. He probably figures he can use this press to his advantage somehow. Maybe he's pitching a new reality show or something stupid....who knows.
fatatty - 2013-03-04
So his comparison of Presidential blowjobs and prison camps isn't a comparison a dumb person would make?

I mean if he was smart all he had to do was point to our prison system and drone program to show we're not perfect either. But no, the worst thing he could think that a modern president has done was get a blowjob.

StanleyPain - 2013-03-04
Oh, Rodman is profoundly dumb. I'm just saying, this reeks of one of his dipshit publicity stunts like he used to do in the 90s.

STABFACE - 2013-03-04
Put me down for the "Rodman Isn't Dumb" camp.

The proof: It's 2013 and we are talking about Dennis Fucking Rodman.

fedex - 2013-03-04
Stabface for the win

kyotoofthebackalley - 2013-03-04
This is worth remembering at a time like this...

chairsforcheap - 2013-03-04
straight up, i kid you not, academy award caliber, classic rodmans.

Simillion - 2013-03-04
North Korea jails a "criminal" for questionable crimes, AND his descendents, creating prison camps that hold whole families as punishment. The U.S. socks people with debt by misleading them in various ways, health care costs, education fees, investment failures, all forms of debt that their descendents inherit and are forced to pay. I wouldn't use Rodman's irrational rhetoric of "the same," there are similarities in that.

I'm human, so given the chance I would lock up a bunch of our top 1% hoarding all our nation's wealth today, AND their descendents. It might be a majority of our oppressed nation who would agree. We prison-camped Japanese, and all for public irrational fears. Rodman isn't a "fucking moron," just a life voyager of incredible calm and peace, a natural diplomat and the greatest hope for N. Korean relations of all time. /troll
ashtar. - 2013-03-04
I believe that you are mistaken in your views, and feel the urge to rebut them in detail! (stars)

Blue - 2013-03-04
We literally have more people in jail than anyone. We don't have specific rape rooms, but that's just because we rape prisoners indiscriminately. Also, most of the people in prison are there for a crime the President himself could admit to committing without getting criticized. They criticized him for ordering a hamburger with Dijon mustard for fuck sake.

Blue - 2013-03-04
Oh, wait, all of that is a troll. You apparently don't inherit debt. That's awesome. My father was always under the impression that you could. I'm not sure why I listened to him on something involving financial matters.

memedumpster - 2013-03-04
Our prison system is perfectly set up for our needs in creating a better future. Our prisons have the space required to hold every cop, politician, and clergy in a cage until they starve to death.

The only problem is the system's misuse.

Also, Dennis here has a right to be stupid, he's an American. We bomb people with drones every day to protect that stupidity.

mashedtater - 2013-03-04
i am listening to this while i do homework and i had to stop because my ears began to bleed
Hooker - 2013-03-04
Why does Rodman talk with a west African accent?
Spaceman Africa - 2013-03-04
oh my god I saw a news video of this earlier and I was convinced it was the Onion and never questioned it
1394 - 2013-03-04
Ladies and Gentlemen, THE WORM.
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