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Desc:'No no no that's not how to make love. Listen to me! Yes, yes, just like that, like the Chinese!'
Category:Music Videos, World - Ethnic - International
Tags:canada, Quebec, CanCon, Mitsou, Mitsou Gélinas
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Comment count is 8
zurf - 2014-05-13
oui oui oui
RedHood - 2014-05-13
-1 invisible for not being this abortion: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8aI0QTEJjIg&feature=kp.

Are you in Ottawa Sasa?
sasazuka - 2014-05-13
Uhh... I don't want to dox myself too much. Let's say I used to live in the Montreal area and now I'm in Ontario but I can always still take a local bus to the province of Quebec... which probably only can mean I live in the Ottawa area.

sasazuka - 2014-05-13
Also, yeah, I far prefer this song and "La Corrida" to "Bye Bye Mon Cowboy". I even prefer her "The World is a Funny Place" song from her unsuccessful attempt to pull a Celine Dion and crossover to an international English audience to "Bye Bye Mon Cowboy".

Incidentally, my father once flew first class and I don't know if Mitsou was in the next seat or just adjacent, but she was very friendly and chatty. Dunno what they talked about (and he's dead now so I can't ask) but he was left with a very positive impression of her as a human being.

RedHood - 2014-05-13
I figured you had to be at least in Ontario somewhere. The park diddler thing was on a friends FB page before I saw you posted it here, that's why I asked. Watching Musiqueplus growing up I got to see all these wonderful things. Remeber that TV psychic Jojo? With her big fucking princess dresses and her giant swing? God I loved QC tv in the 90's.

sasazuka - 2014-05-14
Yup, Jocelyne "JoJo" Savard is the exact reason I could never take the anime JO JO'S BIZARRE ADVENTURE seriously (I mean the OVA version from the 1990s, not the recent TV series I haven't seen). I watch it and there's a bunch of guys and a dog that eats coffee gum and I wonder, "Where's Jo-Jo? I need my horoscope and my lottery numbers and 'I love you and I kiss you goodnight'?"

That guy - 2014-05-13
You're going to be a star Mitsou, and everyone will care what you have to say about this.

It's not arrogant if it's justified.
ashtar. - 2014-05-17
It took me an embarrassingly long time to realize that that was the same lady in a wig, squinting.
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