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Desc:Only wants people thinking of hetero sex while eating burgers.
Category:News & Politics
Tags:Burger King, gay, bryan fischer
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Comment count is 14
I'm not a hateful man but you gotta keep them faggot homo hamburgers in San Francisco where they belong!
His last line made me laugh. I'll bet that's what he thinks about when he's eating any hamburger.
infinite zest
I agree. As a straight American male I'd prefer the Carl's Junior burger with the bikini clad supermodel deep throating it. My lesbian friend would concur. When I think eat food I don't want to think about average looking people having gay sex, I ordered airbrushing with my thought burger goddamnit.
2D waifu slowly rubbing the burger along the inside of her knee. The way God intended it.

"This isn't the juicy, hot beef I wanted in my mouth! I ordered a penis!"
-Bryan Fischer, literally every day.
Who the hell thinks about gay people having sex? Other than gay people, I guess.
Adham Nu'man
Well, eating Burger king does leave me feeling dirty and ashamed, which I guess is kind of similar to being a closeted Christian homosexual.

I've got a counter ad campaign idea for these guys!

Introducing the HITLER BURGER. After peeling back the Hitler wrapping, you discover that, Nazi or not, we're all the same on the inside ^_^

Now where is my six figure consultation fee.
doesnt he know that 35% of any wait staff is LGBT? as for iowa, where does he think all the sexually confused teens are going to be? ill tell ya, working at burger king
so basically rainbow wrapper or no, its a gay burger

a gay burger with a misdemeanor

and at least three neck tattoos

Queer: It's what's for dinner.

I think it was just the one BK along the parade route. They were also giving out rainbow-striped crowns. Pretty genius.
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