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Category:Classic TV Clips
Tags:Arrow, bow, the green arrow, boxing glove
Submitted:Albuquerque Halsey
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Comment count is 22
Soo... this is the thing adventurers take to the knee? Right? Is that something relevant, hip youngsters?
The boxing glove arrow is the best arrow.
Old People
He looks like Robin Hood, but he talks like Buffalo Bill.
That guy
Not even a full second went by after the boxing-glove arrow before I heard him talk...... this is a show....?

Prickly Pete
I can't help but think that would be more effective WITHOUT the glove.
why does he talk like that
infinite zest
Because everyone missed the point with Dark Knight: Batman talked that way because of his mask, not because he had a headcold.

He has a little thing that scrambles his voice so people can't recognize it.

That's a fairly rational explanation. PLus: boxing glove arrow!

infinite zest
I was kinda hoping he just thought up such an object, but then I remembered that Green Arrow and Green Lantern aren't the same thing.
Rodents of Unusual Size
So...this is a show, huh? Welp.
It's the best.

A good friend of mine immediately texted me that this happened when it happened.
Binro the Heretic


I will admit to watching 'Arrow'; considering it's a costumed vigilante show on the CW of all networks, on a CW series budget the fight choreography and action sequences are executed rather well and can be quite intense at times.
infinite zest
Seems like CW is getting back to its roots. I was excited for the potential of the WB when it first got announced.

Seven Arts/H8 Red
He sure took out that wildcat of a fighter.
Centennial Ostrich
There are some joyless people on this site.

Arrow is a cheesy soap opera that's based on a ridiculous comic book character. We get it. It's also entertaining to a lot of people.

But those people are obviously stupid and have no other higher, artistic, or intellectual hobbies and/or interests.
You are correct. Comic books are made for 4 year old kids or 13 year old power-trippers. If you like them then you are basically saying you have one of those two mindsets.

The End.

MacGyver Style Bomb
Let me go check something...

Yep. /co/ lost their shit.
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