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Category:Classic Movies, Humor
Tags:star trek, Star Trek IV, the voyage into darkness, music substitution, playful romp
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Comment count is 14
Meerkat - 2015-09-22
Rats, I was thinking it was the da na NA NA NA NA NA nana-na na one.
Nikon - 2015-09-23
I was hoping for that one as well.

StanleyPain - 2015-09-22
For those who haven't seen it, this is actually the film's finale. A street chase and fistfight between Khan and Spock is the climax of this gazillion dollar sci fi movie
Rodents of Unusual Size - 2015-09-22
This movie is so bad. It makes Star Trek V look almost interesting.

oddeye - 2015-09-22
both the new movies look like shit.

"Khan" looks more like Gary Oldman's character from Fifth Element than it does Khan.

Nikon - 2015-09-23
Compared to this, Star Trek V is good. When you take out Star Trek's philosophy and science it's reduced to forgettable turgid action.

StanleyPain - 2015-09-23
It's also worth noting that this sequence also takes place after Khan has augured a gigantic spaceship right into San Francisco destroying half the city which is apparently just a minor inconvenience in the movie's universe.

oddeye - 2015-09-23
No one seems to give a shit about any such spaceship crash.

Like... zero actual shits.

blue vein steel - 2015-09-24
yeah, it sucks, just like the one before it

bopeton - 2015-09-22
Eh they intentionally chose one on the wrong tone and that's just silly. You could have picked any silly song and dubbed it over.
jfcaron_ca - 2015-09-22
It offends me a little bit too much that the film creators think our near-utopian future will have the same kinds of roads, cars, and crosswalks that you currently find in major american cities.
Why isn't everyone walking or biking because it's healthier, cheaper, and more eco?
Bort - 2015-09-22
Segways, nothing but dilithium-powered Segways.

EvilHomer - 2015-09-22
It's believable! This scene is set in one of the most affluent and politically-relevant cities in all of Future Earth; for the San Franciscans privileged enough to live in the shadow of Starfleet's benevolent military command, Star Trek's World Government would doubtlessly relax its strict controls on the private ownership of vehicles.

I mean, we know for a fact that members of the Inner Party, such as Jean-Luc Picard and his family, are not only allowed to own private property, but are even allowed to use their land to brew dangerous, non-synthesized, intoxicating beverages! And at this point during the development of Rdodenbury's New World Order, Earth had not yet entered a fully cashless system (that seems to have occurred just prior to TNG), meaning that any remaining Bay Area kulaks were probably still tolerated, though just barely! So of course it shouldn't surprise us to learn that the military capital of a tightly centralized, post-post-apocalyptic global empire plays host to some anachronistic indulgences, like hovercars, roads, and crosswalks.

Monkey Napoleon - 2015-09-22
Healthier, cheaper, and eco-friendly are compromises you stop having to make when you live in a post-scarcity technotopia. Obviously, it's a bad thing to have to depend on that becoming a reality to fix the world... but since it's a fictional universe they get to skip the questionable ethics of what got them there and focus on enjoying the future.

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