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Desc:How DARE you show Jesus's wedding tackle? I have a job and YOU DON'T!
Category:News & Politics, Religious
Tags:Jesus, Christian, chocolate, conservative, chocolate jesus
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Comment count is 34
oswaldtheluckyrabbit - 2007-04-14
The amount of stupid packed into this clip violates all laws of physics
Zhou Fang - 2007-04-15
So if he tried to talk about Piss Christ would he explode?
Herr Matthias - 2007-04-15
And in future news, Cosimo Cavallaro is arrested for bribing young boys with "Sweet Jesus" chocolate
Gurlugon - 2007-04-15
So. Much. Stupid. And this guy is the head of something?
Crucifried - 2007-04-15
This guy is insane. This guy is totally insane. Just fucking insane.
Dummy Rum - 2007-04-15
This is blasphemy! The last thing Jesus wanted was for his people to be happy.
kingarthur - 2007-04-15
Someone should cut in clips of the Bill Donahue episode of South Park.
Solro - 2007-04-15
hmm, somehow I doubt he has any friends, much less jewish or muslim ones.
stanleypain - 2007-04-15
Jesus must be so embarassed to have such pussies as followers.
coprolalia - 2007-04-15
Man I saw this when it aired I can't bear to watch again
xenocide - 2007-04-15
Donahue is a friggin' circus clown. He could debate Bin Laudin and come out looking worse.
Senator_Unger - 2007-04-15
Catholics literally eat and drink Jesus every...single...Sunday.
KnowFuture - 2007-04-15
'Cuz everybody knows Jesus didn't have a dick. He WAS born with nails thru his wrists though.
Caminante - 2007-04-15
He's hilarious until you realize that some people take him seriously.
EvilHomer - 2007-04-15
Take, eat, for this is my body... my sweet, sav(ior)y, chocolicious body. Mmmmm.
fluffy - 2007-04-15
Mmm... immaculate confection.
Cleaner82 - 2008-05-07
Bless you my child.

citrusmirakel - 2007-04-15
Damn it, Bill Donohue. Die of a heart-attack or something.
halon - 2007-04-15
Jesus is without sin, but his junk is still sinful.
ChocFullOfFunk - 2007-04-15
Donahue's logic seems sound.
sudan no1 - 2007-04-16
Chocolate Jesus Artist is my new hero.
Ursa_minor - 2007-04-16
clips like this make my head hurt
Meatsack Jones - 2007-04-19
Go go chocolate Jesus dong!
BAC - 2007-04-22
brought up the children. its like a nazi thing.
tamago - 2007-04-28
So the reason this pissed off conservatives was because Jesus was naked? WTF conservatives?
smellslikefish - 2012-04-14
Numerous paintings have been altered, especially in the Vatican, because male genitalia was showing. Catholics ruin paintings because they are afraid of penises.

Rodents of Unusual Size - 2007-05-19
DId he just say just because art is art it's not an absolute right? I believe he did. WOW.
Endoris - 2007-08-12
+4 for the entire discussion and debate, +1 for the "SWEET JESUS" story title.
Caminante Nocturno - 2007-08-17
Jesus likes it when you threaten people. He likes it even more if you carry those threats out.
tamago - 2007-12-25
I love how Donahue breaks down into "WAHH I'M RIGHT AND YOU'RE WRONG NYEAH NYEAH. I PWNED YOU." Seriously, this guy is like every 15 year old on the internet ever.

If I was from an advanced alien race and Bill was the first earth person I met, I'd destroy the entire planet without a second thought.
j lzrd / swift idiot - 2008-08-01
Grade-AAA Crazy, right there. So pure, you could bottle it and sell it.
kingofthenothing - 2008-10-24
At least the artist had class. "You're acting like a 5 year old and I feel sorry for you." Amen.
Riskbreaker - 2012-04-14
Chocolate Jesus - 2012-09-20
I approve this message.
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