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Desc:No idea how this thing got in here twice
Category:Video Games, Video Games
Tags:RPG, Greatest story in a game before and since, Chris Avellone, planescape torment
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Comment count is 9
Have no idea how this got in here twice
Sexy Duck Cop
This is that ludicrously overhyped game that's better written than the collected works of Shakespeare, right?
Shakespeares collected works are overhyped

Yeah Planescape suffers from some mighty rose-tinted glasses of nostalgia. It was decent for it's time, but honestly I never thought it was particularly better/worse than the other D&D top-down games from the time.

infinite zest
I just think it's funny that there's this sudden activity and content from both PST and Diablo 3, at pretty much the same time. Rivals to the end I guess..

play this and then go and play temple of elemental evil or icewind dale and you will see a hell of difference.

this game is mostly well written strange dialogue in a totally alien setting (Sunless Sea / Fallen London is pretty similar when it comes to modern games). the combat is avoidable through dialogues a lot of the time and the fact that it is forgettable almost makes the game say that that is the correct way to play it (that said, you can create a fighter with 25 str 25 con which most other D&D games won't let you).

the reason it works so well imho is that it knows how to work it's central themes and ask : what moral choices would you make if you were an immortal being with no memory?

It's no King Lear but it might possibly be the video game equivalent of The Tempest. It is better than Twelfth Night.

Scrotum H. Vainglorious
I just played this last year because I recall it winning a shitload of accolades by the gaming rags way back in the day. Yeah, the writing is great but there's something off putting about playing a game that mostly consists of back to back walls of text. I like reading but I don't like doing at my desktop. Other than that the Infinity Engine still holds up for me and it was such a wonderfully bizarre world to explore that I'll gladly do i t again in this version except on a tablet so I can enjoy the well written walls of text in a recliner.
Two Jar Slave
I finally played both Baldy games on my tablet. They did a great job adapting then for that format.

Two Jar Slave
Baldur auto'd to Baldy 🐴🔫

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