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Desc:Featuring ALL THREE STAGES. This dude's house would scare the shit out of me.
Category:Music Videos, Humor
Tags:Robots, showbiz, anamatronic, fergie
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Comment count is 22
Xiphias - 2007-07-31
I want you to imagine that you're at a bar, having a good time. All of a sudden, you start to feel kind of sick. Everything gets soft around the edges, and as you rush back to the bathroom, expecting to puke, everything just...recedes...and you lose consciousness.

Then you wake up. You're tied to a chair. There's a massive set of curtains in front of you.

And then:


kingarthur - 2007-07-31
Yeah...I don't remember being terrified of the Rockafire Explosion as a kid, but my younger brothers feared them every waking moment. Now I see why.

Stopheles - 2007-07-31
This is the only way I've ever enjoyed this song, but holy CRAP is this video amazing. A ton of work must have gone into this.
anvill - 2007-07-31
Watching these animatronic monstrosities lurch through the song is less disconcerting than watching Fergie perform it.
Stopheles - 2007-07-31
I wonder if the cheerleader's rigged to soil itself halfway through.

baleen - 2007-07-31

He says in a comment that it's not at his house, it's at a place he works. I love this guy. He's one of those small town characters that just can't come from anywhere else. Completely isolated from the world and honest about his one true passion: Programming Chuck E. Cheese robots.
Xiphias - 2007-08-01
A place where he "works" - aka, a bunker in the desert.

Ialdabaoth - 2007-07-31
Well, at least Hell won't have any surprises left for me now.
A Jumping Spider! - 2007-07-31
Shakey-cam really helps the terror along.
Camonk - 2007-08-01
This needs to be one of the Joker's traps in a Batman movie.
Michael Houser - 2007-08-01
I just want to say that I joined this site because the comments are, by far, my favorite on the internet. And I'm not just saying that because I'm drunk, but honestly, I'm REALLY drunk.
(In reference to the vid: That unseen guy's drawl is what makes it magic.)
bizzaro - 2007-08-01
Fuck yes! DONT STOP!!!!!
Maxville - 2007-08-02
This is the product of a broken, broken individual. Amazing.
Benzene265 - 2007-08-02
I now can't listen to Fergie without thinking of terrifying anamatronic robots. Best cover ever!
Hooper_X - 2007-08-04
When I was six years old, we had my birthday party at Showbiz. Billy Bob was supposed to read your name off so you could have everyone clap or whatever, and that son of a bitch robot puppet completely botched my name.

It was at that moment that I started on my career of being a fucking dick to the world.
Billy the Poet - 2007-08-15
How many of the anthropomorphic robots have mummified humans inside of them? My guess: all.
oswaldtheluckyrabbit - 2007-08-17
The band in Hell.
Plays all night long.
It's a sold-out show.
And there is only one song.
Pie Boy - 2007-09-07

One of those robots appears to be holding a struggling baby by the back of the neck.

What the fuck. This is evil.
petep - 2007-09-08
oh my goodness gracious
j lzrd / swift idiot - 2007-10-28
This needs to be done with more songs, because this may be the widest grin my face will make today. Bravo, you nutty Chuck E. Cheese robot programmer.
oogaBooga - 2008-05-31
I'm fucking broiling.
Wombles - 2010-12-10
There's a lot of potential for robot bands; the fact that all of them so far have been shitty animals doesn't mean we can't have a band of robot skeletons screeching and playing some sort of sludge-metal.
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