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Desc:Like a glove.
Tags:park, mini, England, Japan?
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Comment count is 25
Repomancer - 2007-10-17
Great Moments In Parking!
snppls - 2007-10-17
How do you get out?

Ersatz - 2007-10-17
You open the door.

Sean Robinson - 2007-10-17
It's a mini. When you need to leave, you pick it up and move it onto the road.

DMKA - 2007-10-17
Wow. Just wow.
Stog - 2007-10-17
That is truly awesome. He'd better hope one of those cars has moved when he gets back, though.
Roachbud - 2007-10-17
I always make it a point to hit whatever douchebag parked me in a few times on the way out when that happens. Though I guess here, he parked himself in and he'd have to break a few rules of physics to get that done

Frank Rizzo - 2007-10-17
roachbud must have a piece of shit car, a fucking piece of shit car. That fucking pile of shit never gets him very far.

and the spring pokes him in the balls.

ouch ouch ouch...

Dinky Patterson - 2007-10-17
The Roachmobile

Roachbud - 2007-10-18
I have a 4 year old used Impala, no springs poking in the balls. I just don't give a fuck about material shit. It's not like bumping bumpers is going to ruin your car, since afterall that's what they were designed for. I'm not about to wait for some dickbag to move his car so I can go home.

x - 2007-10-18
Any provocative bumper stickers on it?

Roachbud - 2007-10-19
just a Bad Brains one

baleen - 2007-10-17

Try doing that in a real car.
athodyd - 2007-10-17
If I ever catch you talking shit about the classic Mini again I will feed you your own lower body

gSSEhh - 2007-10-17
As a current owner (and summer daily driver) of one of these little monsters I have to say that the driver has a lot more to do with it than the car. I'm thoroughly impressed.

The Man Who Cares - 2007-10-17
I love that he wore a jumpsuit while doing this. Beat that, Evel Kenevel.
bang to buck ratio - 2007-10-17
Drift it like you paid 18 grand for it
garcet71283 - 2007-10-17
I love how the Japanese have to have a little PIP on the bottom showing the cherubic reactions of the hosts/contestants.
Gwago - 2008-11-25
And might I add, "cherubic" is a very under-used adjective. I will endeavour to use it in everyday conversation.

Tyrathca - 2007-10-18
4'ed, then +1 'cause I know for a fact that this guy is English.
fluffy - 2007-10-19
I saw the original show that this was on. It was in English. Japanese commentary makes it better.
bac - 2007-11-03
english guy+english car= +5 parking bonus.
j lzrd / swift idiot - 2007-11-07
I always enjoy these sort of skill-videos. Archery, Tetris, obstacle courses, and now, parking.
kelpfoot - 2008-02-22
30cm? That's not a world record. This guy can do it in 23:

Plus, he can get back out again.
The God of Biscuits - 2009-07-11
Some amazing comment flaming in the YouTube comments:

poopsrus26 (2 hours ago)

ur just wastin ur time commentin bak on sum person u dont even no so how do I not hav a LIFE?? o yea da next timE happy? u comment me bak im just ignorin u u piece or shit
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