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Desc:dinosaur mortal kombat
Category:Video Games
Tags:dinosaurs, fatalities, primal rage
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Comment count is 22
This game was awful, but you gotta love the little people running around.
Caminante Nocturno
You go to Hell and burn!

3 stars for showing the SNES version instead of the arcade.
yeah, I had a hard time finding a compilation of "the good ones" - Chaos' fatalities are lacking here: IE the golden shower (which may still be in the hopper? a user submitted some "patch" videos to fix the holes in this one!)

I submitted it to the hopper, but it was a low quality video - a camcorder recording of the arcade machine, at an awkward angle - so I'm not suprised that it died.

I loved eating tribesmen to regain health.

This also had a spectacularly batshit insane storyline, even for a 90s fighting game.
Did that monkey just vomit and then run around the world in a matter of seconds and catch the vomit in its own mouth?

I thought the monkey punching the other monkey's brain out of its head was the highlight until I saw that.
I dunno, I also like when the monkey just sorta summoned the soul of that dead dinosaur into heaven.

a flaming monkey
I think he uppercutted his spirit into heaven.

The fatalities were all either completely underwhelming or completely unrelated to the attacker's gimmick (having the armadillo ball up and then somehow strike the victim with purple lightning, for example).

+1 for a MIDI of "Metal" by Gary Numan being the soundtrack to the second half.
Killer Joe
+5 for reminding me of this game's existence.
Jeff Fries
Me too

This is a ridiculous game.
This was one of my all time favorite arcade games as a kid--it was like you had the opportunity to direct your own Ray Harryhausen Film. Also, if you did the same thing over and over again a "no cheese" icon would start to flash on the screen.
B. Weed
I wasn't a kid when it came out (I was out of college for a few years, in fact), but I liked it for pretty much the same reason you did. (I sucked at it, though, like I do at pretty much all fighting games)

this game was absolutely terrible...five stars
Unmerciful Crushing Force
When you were 13, this game was the best thing ever. Dinosaurs + Gore = dreams come true.

However, even then, I thought the fatalities were lame. Especially when Mortal Kombat II was right next to this one.

Also, the censored SNES fatalities = :(
I'll take Eternal Champions' fatalities over this any day.
oh my god, youre absolutely right! I had forgotten all about that game - despite it being one of my all-time favourites when I was a kid.

Meatsack Jones
00:36 All the stars I can muster for the cheering troglodyte praising Sauron...on FIRE!!!
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