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Desc:The Germans bring their... unique... form of efficiency to the deli meats industry.
Tags:sausage, I CANT GO ANY FURTHER, Fischerkoesen Animation
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Comment count is 23
Caminante Nocturno
That racism came out of fucking NOWHERE!
Cap'n Profan!ty
jesus holy hell, as if cows and pigs serving as QC on beef and pork wasn't disturbing and Auschwitzy enough to make this evil

No it didn't. It came right out of Germany.

j lzrd / swift idiot
It still was a total blindsiding though. Little Black Sambos aren't a food product either, what are they doing in there?


Oh, no.

It never leaps over into full blown nuts, which almost makes it more horrific as the happy music mutilation rank-and-file rolls on.
fucking batman
please give us more of this

This video changes lives. Testify.
Needs a 'Wacky Nazi Deli' tag
Aubrey McFate
WTF Europe. This might explain why the German kid at my college loaded his plate with nothing but lunch meat every day.
I recently traveled to Greece and all their TV commercials are for meat, cheese, and laxatives.

Not a single person seems to have put two and two together.

I voted this up merely on the concept of the cows and chickens marching happily into the slaughterhouse. I 5-starred it when it became clear they weren't going in to kill themselves, but rather were happily employed in the packaging of their brethren.

+1 imaginary star for the hot dogs skinning themselves.
Awww, cute food, happy food, crazy livestock and, er...oh. Oh dear.
I wonder in what part of the factory they keep the sausage and cheese's personal belongs, and hair and gold?
Big Beef Burritos Supreme
The... the food oversaw its own destruction. Dear lord. Did they just throw those that fell onto the production line?
King of Balls
0:38 - "Nicht jeder wird genommen; nur die Guten dürfen bleiben!" This translates to: "Not everyone will be taken; only the good are allowed to remain." Make of it what you will, I guess, but I think it was a neat cartoon.

A fly is on the meat

A fly is on the meat and no one cares
Nay, rest easy. Mighty German plastic has foiled that filthy insect.

You guys kind of oversold it, but it's still pretty good. Also, why isn't there an Oh Germany tag to match the Oh Japan tag? I think Germany definitely warrants it. Or maybe just Oh Europe.
Fucking rad jingle though.
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