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Desc:I think the title sums it up pretty nicely, actually.
Category:News & Politics
Tags:bush, DC, Shoes, Dubya
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Comment count is 20
Walt Henderson
Why don't people realize just how impotent this sort of thing makes them look?
still, I'd throw the fuck out of those shoes

what else should they do? vote him out of office?

Big Beef Burritos Supreme
yes, that's right. they should go back to c-span and gritting their teeth

Oh shit, everyone, quit protesting anything ever, Walk Henderson thinks you look impotent, kthx.

And WALT Henderson thinks that also.

Torture the Artist
Why on earth would this make them look impotent? They're the winners, stupid. They're celebrating by giving history yet another chance to see how badly Bush was hated.

If anything it's boastful, not impotent.

Um he was in office for eight years, I think he won.

Torture the Artist
Leaving office with the lowest approval rating of all time is not winning.

He had his way with America and we couldn't do anything about it until his term ran out. It won't take long before people start to forget how shit he was, and I don't think he's crying to sleep every night about it either.

Walt Henderson
Yeah, he sure was bothered by those approval ratings.

Torture the Artist
I don't even care what you two blumpkins think defines a president's legacy (being elected, apparently?). The president is awesome now, the old president will be remembered as being worse than fucking Harding, and today is great.

Walt Henderson
Who's defending Bush? Just name a single administration policy that's changed as the result of protests during the last eight years, and I'll be contrite.

Conscious > Apathy.

Goes to show, veto and the ability to remove incompetents and dictators are the real potential powers within a democracy.

specifically, golf cleats

I would have tried to hook a pair over his nose like a power line in Brooklyn.
I could use some new shoes.
Nice, but kind of unnecessary.. I got enough enjoyment today out of seeing Cheney in a wheelchair.
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