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Desc:You were lucky.
Category:Humor, Classic TV Clips
Tags:Python, monty, Yorkshire, bottom of a lake
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Dr Dim
I'm sure this was funny before terrible people decided to quote it unendingly instead of developing a sense of humor.
Did you instead devote your time developing a sense of humor?

Dr Dim
Do the dead parrot sketch again.

"Gee, Monty Python fans sure are annoying. Let's refuse to enjoy fun things. That'll show them."

You're lucky to have a dead parrot sketch. I had to get up, clean the lake, and eat a handful of hot gravel instead of watching a dead parrot sketch.

Who'd have thought, thirty years ago, that we'd all be sitting here making snarky comments about youtube videos.
but there are creatures in the lake

You know, I'll be the first person to call nerds out when they start quoting Python and give them a smack, but I still like Python. Besides the Holy Grail and the same 10 sketches from the show that have been beaten to death, there's still a wealth of great stuff. International Philosophy is basically the greatest sketch ever and it's not been abused at all.
Was meant for Dr.Dim but whatever.

Dr Dim
I agree, Python's awesome. It upsets me that those ten sketches now make me think of people with body odor rather than funny English guys.

Goethe and ernie
I don't hang around with fat virgins so this stuff isn't played out to me.
I only wish I could have hung around with fat virgins when I was a lad, our family was so poor I had to hang around with lepers who would dump loads of burning hot coals over my head.

You had lepers as friends? I would have DREAMED to hang out with lepers!

I had to walk forty miles in the blistering cold with no shoes every morning until half past when I went to bed that night to spend 30 minutes with blind, socially awkward accordion players in an erotic dungeon.

If I was lucky.

yet you post on poeTV

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