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Desc:Even Julie Banderas is dumbfounded
Category:News & Politics, Military
Tags:Military, fox news, asshole, Taliban
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Rodents of Unusual Size
I smell a Freeper.
Yeah I have a buddy in the 101st. The shit that happens over there will never, NEVER be made public. And its just as well - war isnt any fun unless you're a sociopath or you never

There are no rules. Only when cameras are present, and half the time not even then.
Your buddy is The Comedian?

Write a book, get rich, go into hiding (being rich will help with this.)

somehow i forgot to type "lose." after my third sentence. whups.

hey anybody wanna help me get rich?

Things that Fox News has agreed with Al-Qaeda and the Taliban on:

Gay Marriage
Abortion Rights
Santa Claus is Blasphemous
Americans should always act like we did after 9/11
Obama's sinister plans to ruin the world
Separation of Church and State
Holy War between Christianity and Islam
Inviting terrorist attacks on San Fransisco
Hoping Bin Ladin destroys a US city
Execution of US soldiers
Puppy Rape

Apologies for my mistake with the last one. I just remembered that Nancy Grace is on CNN, not Fox.

WWJD? Kill this guy? +5 for how horrible this makes me feel

Five for evil. Fuck this guy.

Didn't congress recently make what this guy's saying a hate crime?
Rodents of Unusual Size
I want to shit in this man's mouth and gag him with an American flag. If that's wrong, I'd hate to be right.

Caminante Nocturno
This guy is a very skilled asshole.
"He is collaborating with the enemy. Under duress or not, that is really not relevant"
"That's not how it works". Umm.. that is what is happening.
I suppose he would have the guy resist his instinctive biological drive for survival and talk shit to his captors.
This guy is a L.Colnel
Syd Midnight
I'm under the impression that SERE training teaches soldiers that they're gonna get tortured and be made to talk, so it won't come as a sanity-crushing horror when they have to give forced statements.

And anyways, insurgents getting POWs to say the US sucks is a powerful propaganda tool because the insurgents operate on the exact same mental wavelength as Fox News viewers.

Fuck this human garbage and everything he stands for. Enough torture WILL make someone talk, regardless of the truth. That is why torture is not an accepted technique. I hope this fuck gets to feel what it is to be scared, alone, and tortured.
FUCK YOU x infinity
"We must wait for all the facts to come in to make a judgement, but clearly he is a liar and a deserter and he should die."
This guy should not be in command of anyone, least of all US military men and women.
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