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Desc:When Shemp died unexpectedly in 1955 the Stooges were still obligated to deliver four more shorts
Category:Classic TV Clips, Humor
Tags:Three Stooges, Shemp
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Comment count is 19
baleen - 2009-07-31

They would also recycle old bits where he was still alive and insert them as new material. Since most of their audience was young they never knew the difference.
Xenocide - 2009-07-31
Shemp must go now. He planet needs him.
Xenocide - 2009-07-31
HIS planet, dammit. Sorry, the fake Xenocide typed that. The real one was killed in a flash flood/lion taming mishap in 1998.

infinite zest - 2009-07-31
my wife just got a Poochie tattoo, oddly enough

Xenocide - 2009-07-31
Whenever your wife isn't around, everyone else should stand around asking "Where's Infinite Zest's wife?"

Man Who Fights Like Woman - 2009-07-31
The only thing worse than Shemp is Fake Shemp.
Toenails - 2009-07-31
Lay off poor Shemp, everybody knows Joe Besser was the worst Stooge.


Rev. Blackson Pollock - 2010-05-20
You have a point.

boner - 2009-07-31
This is right up there with Fake Bela Lugosi.
Old_Zircon - 2009-07-31
Not enough stars for "Shemp, guard the door!"
fluffy - 2009-07-31
I'm pretty sure the other actors knew he was dead and had been replaced, Mr. Text-Over Writer.
Xenocide - 2009-07-31
No, the producers managed to convince them that Shemp had faked his death as an elaborate April Fool's joke. Larry and Moe were so upset with him that they refused to act with him in most scenes, so they kept sending him to guard the door.

Camonk - 2009-07-31
To be fair, based on their previous films, it's not like the guy who edited the video had much basis for thinking they were smart guys.

As a side note, by this time a lot of the Stooges' plans took much longer to execute and they were much more careful. It kind of ruined the whole aesthic to see them carefully swinging bottles at one another's heads.

Rum Revenge - 2009-07-31
It's pretty nuts, seeing Larry playing co-star to Moe. It's like Dan Aykroyd and Ernie Hudson's characters switched places in Ghostbusters.
mashedtater - 2009-07-31
what happened to curly?
Toenails - 2009-07-31
He took one to many to the noggin. Seriously.


Syd Midnight - 2009-08-01
I don't know how accurate it is, but the Mel Gibson Stooges' movie is depressing, and Curly's decline is particularly heartbreaking.

Spit Spingola - 2009-07-31
Poor Shemp. :(
theSnake - 2009-07-31
I like Shemp as much as Curly. The other subs were bad though.
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