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Desc:A true story.
Category:News & Politics
Tags:republicans, talk radio, godless liberals
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Comment count is 17
Would have been a five without the poorly conceived and executed changes in the guy's tone of voice. Ruined it for me.
Agree... so much. But I do like the republicsns tag.

Space Helicopter
But why? it sounds so much like them!

I like Thom, but he always uses that goofy, forced voice when he reads this piece and it drives me up a wall.

It's not nearly as bad as the Glenn Beck muppet voice, so I'm torn.

nope cant do it with that voice.

Doctor Arcane
Youtube killed the streaming radio star.
Every conservative should watch this 500 times.
Why? It's complete misinformation. Conservatives were the drivers behind conservation, economy, and product quality.

How is it misinformation? The conservatives you speak of no longer hold elected office, and haven't since they picked up the racist Dixiecrats decades ago.


Conservatives used to be the drivers of conservation (Republicans were leading environmentalists even), until Reagan and planned obsolescence. you know this, enjoy.

This is fucking irritating. Nice sentiment though.
Passive aggressive polemics < discoursing like fucking adults.

And if you are going to go down the WE'RE BETTER THAN YOU HERE'S A LIST WHY road, try and inject some feeling into it.

Not meant as a reply. Fuck.

I saw this polymic on 4chan..paraphrased, of coourse
Boiling down issues into a demi-glace is constructive! It's not about being divisive or encouraging a mentality of us vs. them!
This is my characterization of a conservative making a characterization of a liberal...

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