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Desc:The animated tale of the greatest athletic achievement by a man on a psychedelic journey
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Sports
Tags:LSD, baseball, drugs, dock ellis, no-no
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Comment count is 23
Even if you hate baseball, you will love this video.

Motherfucker pulled off one of the most difficult feats in sports while tripping balls.
Herr Matthias
to be fair, he did walk eight

True. I take back all my respect for this man and his amazing story on account of those eight walks.

Mister Yuck
Baseball today sucks. LSD > Roids.
oh fuck yes, this is awesome
The Townleybomb
The thrill of victory, indeed.
I'd forgive A-Rod if all of his weird Madonna humping and centaur portrait owning could be attributed to LSD
this is awesome...a modern parable for our times
I've heard this story before but never from the man himself.

The Pirates used to be so cool. What happened to you man?
I can't even imagine the difficulty of playing a sport tripping. I can barely drive while on LSD.
i know! i can barely drive on cough syrup.

wtf japan
Seriously! I can barely fly my plane on LSD.

I can hardly manage flying a kite tripping.

The Houston Press has a fairly in-depth article on the no-hitter: http://www.houstonpress.com/2005-06-23/news/high-times/
Banal Intercourse
That article is spectacular. Ellis was pissed at the Reds after they beat the Pirates to the pennant. Next time he faced the Reds he said to his team he was going to hit every batter from the Reds at least once. Everybody thought he was full of shit. He hit three and walked two before they pulled him from the game.

I can barely operate heavy machinery when taking LSD.
Menudo con queso
Dude got his No-No.

You can't judge a book by it's cover. ba da bumda da da da da
I've watched this seven times and the sight of Dock Ellis flinching away from the "big ol' ball" and then watching it shrink to the size of a marble in his glove still makes me lose it.
this is really awesome
Syd Midnight
The only other game I'm aware of that was pitched on LSD was a Mark Fidrych shutout. This is probably just a coincidence though, and besides, LSD would probably have made Mark Fidrych act LESS crazy on the mound.
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