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Desc:I have discovered a new form of misogyny.
Category:Video Games, Horror
Tags:women, misogyny, ryona, there are millions of these
Submitted:Killer Joe
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Comment count is 27
Who's tripping down the streets of the city
Smiling at everybody she sees
Who's reaching out to capture a moment
Everyone knows it's Wendy
Mike Tyson?!
*Moves paw toward cock.*
Millions of these, eh?

*clicks on youtube link "Cactus Ryona2"*

wow yeah thanks

Tuan Jim
oh my god


Caminante Nocturno
What's the point of putting all of that other shit in the room if she's only going to run into the cactus.

WHOA. That is just not right.

Someone needs to submit that one, I don't feel like it.

The metallic clanging sound she makes when she hits a fan pushes this to 5 stars.
I was playing "...So" by Soft Cell as I hit play on this, which gave it a whole other weird dimension.
What is this wonderful game and why haven't I heard of it?
Ego Orb
According to the guy's profile, this game is Pain for the PS3 and it was funded through the MacArthur Fellows Program.

Jesus God. This is one of the most evil things I've seen on here, if only for the amount of time and care put into what amounts to just Smack-a-Bitch.
Dr. Lobotomy
This is the whole point of Pain, ragdolls getting smashed into stuff for points and multipliers.

But since the basic game only has three characters, a generic guy, a cow suit man and a bowler. It means whoever made this video paid extra to smash that bikini chick into explosive crates.(probably paid to get that explosive laden stage too)

Caminante Nocturno
It's like an invisible man is kicking her through his shitty homemade danger room.
Be nice if her limbs came off too.
K. Brass
This video is...
*slaps hands and does an Egyptian pose*
Lan Tianhe
i dunno its kinda hard to be disturbed by this considering shes invulnerable and only partially subject to physics even
Is this an expansion to "Pain" on the PS3?
Nyms Lives!
No officer, it was totally her fault, she wouldn't get me my beer.
Loses a star because of all the seeming "nudging." I want my invulnerable bikini clad ammunition to flop smoothly from one explosion to the other.
Robin Kestrel
Uncheck that "no gibs" option.

Yes, I am an old fucker.
Porrasturvat (Stair Dismount) and Rekkaturvat (Truck Dismount) are the same game, with better voice acting.

I, too, am a greying old fart.

I think I still have both of them on my hard drive someplace.

Hey, it's not like the ladies get to have all the fun!

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