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Desc:Into the portal with you...
Tags:capitalism, longer life, unless you live on oil reserves
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I liked your Youtube comment!
Perfect submitter name, perfect submitter YouTube comment.
It says if she had been born two centuries earlier she'd have a life expectancy of thirty.

First of all, that's not true. Second, weren't the 1800s the height of unregulated industrial capitalism? It was the financial crises in 1890s, and then the 1930s, that lead to market regulation and the welfare state.
This sort of lifespan related bullshit is used and abused for all sorts of reasons. I've seen it used extensively by the pro science people in the creationism/evolution debate and it is their weakest and dumbest point.

"Average lifespan" is almost meaningless without context. In the year 0, 1200, or 1800 you were not expected to drop dead at age 30. You were expected to die at birth. But if you could make through childhood, you could make it to 60 and beyond, just like capitalists.

I could provide references about lifespans in the Middle Ages but fuck that, I'm sick of essays.

You seem to know more than me about this, phalsebob, but wouldn't that life expectancy be greatly influenced by social class, war, natural disaster, etc.? This isn't a critique of your position so much as of the video, which implies that the world has only one life expectancy at any particular point in time.

I'd love to hear how capitalism improved the life expectancy in Ireland during the 1800's. Or in Central Asia today. I'm sure they're working on that video right now.

I don't have the numbers right here but lower classes did die earlier, as after they were worn down, they were difficult to sustain (much like today!). Nobles lived longer due to all the comforts they could afford, and monks and clergy lived the longest, mainly due to a moderate diet. Ninety year olds were rare, but not unheard of.

Correlation does not imply causation
It says a lot that our Tea Party propaganda and our pharmaceutical ads look exactly alike.

Not meant as a reply. I should sleep tonight.

better living through science / hatred of science

All of these claims about the miracle of capitalism would be a lot more effective if we didn't have Europe doing just as well as us under a social-welfare system.
Or, if you want to compare U6 unemployment rates, even better.

Tom Collins
...but with a longer life expectancy.

I heard capitalism, but felt Scientology.
Ask the people of Bhopal, India, how capitalism has improved their quality of life.

The only thing sillier than this PSA extolling capitalism as if it was a miracle drug is you fruitcakes lambasting capitalism as if it was an ethos.
Tell that to Ayn Rand, Milton Friedman or the Koch brothers.

That's what's interesting. 'Capitalism' as such is not even remotely under threat today. Just look at Red China. So, what is actually being defended here?

Tax cuts, by way of rooting for laissez-faire

Were you hoping this beautiful rich child would reach the age of 8 months ....support your local raider / barbarian horde regime
Because if it's not capitalism, it's barbarian hordes. What a subtle and persuasive dichotomy you've created for yourself.

But... But capitalism doesn't do any of those things.
The God of Biscuits
In 400 years, humans will look back on capitalism the same way we look at feudalism.
In 400 years, humans will look back on most of humanity with a deep and unending sense of embarrassment and shame at the fact that we spent over 2000 years giving oligarchy different names and different structures for the powerful to gain and retain power at the expense of all others, all the while bickering over the supposed value of one route to oligarchic ownership of the masses rather than another, different route, that leads to the same people in power claiming ownership over the rest of humanity.

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