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Desc:Probably the most incomprehensible and bizarre FMV game ever created.
Category:Video Games
Tags:90s, Sega, FMV, ghosts, butterflies
Submitted:Void 71
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There might be weirder ones, but I'm going to have to submit Bad Day on the Midway.
MacGyver Style Bomb
Well, looks like we're only going with games that were actually released, otherwise nothing could top Duelin' Firemen!

Was this not originally in English? This sounds like an anime dub or something.
Void 71
It was most likely originally in Japanese, but those were the days of in-house English dubs by ANYONE who could speak English. Shenmue came out 5 years later and was actually worse than this.

This game occupies an area of my memory that I don't have access to anymore. This video brought back some of it, but all I really remember at this point is that I beat it at like 2:00 in the morning after playing it for about 5 hours straight. It was a guilty pleasure since hardcore gamers NEVER admitted to liking FMV games back then.

What I do remember is that Sega didn't bother marketing it or even sending review copies to the magazines. I think they rushed the game out for Christmas because they were desperate for anything to help them compete with PlayStation. It just appeared on the shelves one day and I bought it because I'd played the shit out of everything else worth playing on the Saturn by then.

This is actually a Sega CD game. This was a rushed port of a stale last generation game that received a mediocre, at best, response when new. If this is padding for the Saturn library, then Sega was REALLY desperate.

This game resides in that special spot where it wasn't bad enough to gain a cult following, not good enough for anyone to really want to bring up (outside of POETV).

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