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Desc:You think 'That's excessive force' or 'Screw those hippies', and your opinion matters (not really)
Category:News & Politics
Tags:Police, demonstration, mace, Democracy, occupywallstreet
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Comment count is 31
Jet Bin Fever - 2011-09-26
They could've been heavily armed under those tank tops and skinny jeans... right?
Oscar Wildcat - 2011-09-26
Actually, when i see this i think Out of Towners and Noobs.

What the police are doing is breaking up the crowd into segments with the barricade, then mass arresting anyone foolish or unlucky enough to be caught in the segment. During the '04 Republican National Convention this tactic was used on entire _blocks_, with hundreds of arrests even of people just trying to get down the block to work/whatever. Pro tip to protesting youngsters: if you do what the police tell you, you will be arrested. Shocking, I know. But there it is. How this works see, is you _don't_ do what they tell you. Yes, you may still get arrested, but situational awareness and familiarity with the street _will_ keep you ass out of the Tombs if you want it out.

If you live in NYC, warrantless searches are everyday occurances. Surveillance is constant, both from cameras and over telephone/internet. Right of free speech and freedom to assemble is greatly curtailed if not gone. And, just to make all you right wing nuts happy, no right to bear arms either. So, you know, fuck you America. Fuck you for not caring about any of this shit. Especial fuck you to the people always banging on about these issues and then delighting in voting for politicians that wipe their asses with the Bill Of Rights and Constitution. Because ultimately, you're the reason these actions are so pointless.

That is all.
wackyakmed - 2011-09-26
Don't you think the negative press the protesters are creating against this kind of behavior is a positive thing, then?

Oscar Wildcat - 2011-09-26
Uhh, no, I don't. This has been going on in NYC since 2001, and far worse than what you see here. If anyone is complaining, it's news to me.

Void 71 - 2011-09-26
These protests are also crawling with informants and agent provocateurs. They do their best to weed out anyone who's willing and capable of doing something meaningful before they do it. That's why these protests end up turning into passive slogan fests. Revolution isn't going to happen in a stifled environment like that.

Want to make a real difference? Get your family out of the city and into a more rural area. Learn how to raise your own food. Become as self sufficient and frugal as possible. The system will never change so you need to do your best to extract yourself from it. Violent revolution doesn't have a chance anymore. Personal revolution is our only way out.

wackyakmed - 2011-09-26
Void, power structures have been successfully challenged by nonviolent civil disobedience campaigns time and time again. We have a combination of high (probably much more than reported) unemployment, food inflation, an increasingly politically tone deaf elite, and a small army of recent college graduates being hit hardest by all of these factors, in additional to being up to their eyeballs in student loan debt. One could not hope for a better grassroots political movement base than that.

Occupy Wall Street has existed as a movement for a week. It already has 20,000 Facebook followers, and organically forming offshoots in every major metropolitan area in the U.S. 20 kids in Chicago were so inspired by what they were seeing out of NYC that they decided to start camping outside their Federal Reserve Building. I'll be going to a planning meeting here in Seattle next week. We need to drop the cynicism and act, because this might be the best chance we get.

Robin Kestrel - 2011-09-26
You forgot the part where they spray them down with mace before arresting them.

wackyakmed - 2011-09-26
Most of those people were released within 24 hours and back with the protesters. Due in part to the sympathetic television coverage, Monday's afternoon protest had the largest number of people for a weekday protest yet - about 1000. This is textbook nonviolent disobedience, and it works.

fatatty - 2011-09-26
These cops were just showing off for the cameras. If this weren't being filmed they would have decapitated those girls and raped their neck holes.
jangbones - 2011-09-26
good comment, would read again!

spikestoyiu - 2011-09-26
Alright, grey tanktop -- we get it.
chumbucket - 2011-09-26
Not exactly Kent State '70

Hank Friendly - 2011-09-26
these are Americans god damn it and Americans deserve their Iphone data packages at a REASONABLE FUCKING PRICE NO JUSTICE NO PEACE NO JUSTICE NO PEACE

THA SUGAH RAIN - 2011-09-26

Get a job, hippies.
Pompoulus - 2011-09-26
Screw you too, Jangbones. God, like I need that fucking attitude today.

I just won't say anything then, how do you like that. How do you like them apples.
jangbones - 2011-09-26


Ursa_minor - 2011-09-26
I don't like it when you guys fight. :(

Post - 2011-09-26
The cop that sprayed was a Lieutenant. Note the white uniform.
MrBuddy - 2011-09-26
Deputy Inspector Anthony V. Bologna actually:

Post - 2011-09-26
Oh this just got more interesting!

Robin Kestrel - 2011-09-26
Deputy Inspector Anthony V. Bologna is a fucking asshole coward who deserves to lose his job.

OgreMkIV - 2011-09-28
I'd like to point out that his nickname is most likely "Tony Bolony."

Burnov - 2011-09-26
I personally don't give a shit whether it was women or men, young or old.

That was a fucking dick move on behalf of the police.

Wait for the economy to get worse, wait for people to give less of a shit, wait for things to start getting really bad, it won't be pepper spray, it will be bullets.

StanleyPain - 2011-09-26
Update: the official NYPD response is that the videos on the internet are editing out the 10 seconds where apparently all of the protestors suddenly became violent and wrestled police to the ground and caused mass havoc before then stopping, resuming their positions trapped inside the mesh so that the cameras could continue rolling and cops could then properly defend themselves.

spikestoyiu - 2011-09-26
Women can't be violent!

spikestoyiu - 2011-09-26
Wait -- I hope that doesn't come across as sort some of pro-NYPD reply, because I actually meant to make fun of the subject. This is pretty reprehensible and while I'd usually dismiss a video that leaves out so much of the story, I don't think it's a huge leap to assume that this is exactly what it looks like.

Abstract Fainter - 2011-09-26
Fuck all cops.
Riskbreaker - 2011-09-27

Seriously, the fuck is this?
Raggamuffin - 2011-09-27
It's a lot safer at tea party rallies. Everyone brings chairs and the police don't mind at all! These ladies should try doing that instead.
fatatty - 2011-09-28
Well that's why they're called rallies and not protests.

Binro the Heretic - 2011-09-27
The prick who did the spraying is Deputy Inspector Anthony Bologna.

Five stars for evil.
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