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These videos are the most watched from the last week but not submitted in the last week.

So they are videos over a week old, which are getting traffic, ranked in the order of the most traffic in the last week.

Fucking An Animal

Music Videos - Heavy Metal - Hard Rock
How isn't this already here?

Israel Kamakawiwo'ole - Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Music Videos
A truly enormous Hawaiian man sings you a pretty song.

hocus pocus by Focus (resubmit)

Music Videos - Arts
old link was down, this song is pure unfiltered awesome.

Numa Numa US Navy

Music Videos - Military
Sailors aboard the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise enjoy "Dragostea Din Tei" (numa numa)

A Forest

The Cure
Music Videos - Misc/Unknown
Ms. Vonscarlet
Robert Smith pre goth looking. He's groomed and makeupless!

Bjork - Big Time Sensuality

Music Videos - Alternative Progressive Indie Art
helicopter cats
The Sugarcubes singer makes her solo debut on the back of a truck in this 90s video from 1993. Week.

Falco - Der Kommissar (resubmit)

Music Videos
This was stuck in me head today, so I thought I'd share it with you

Heavy Metal Perse - Legenda taikamiekasta

Music Videos
Epic amateur fantasy metal video

Red Barchetta (live 1981)

Music Videos - Classic Rock
from Exit Stage Left

Who Put The Bomp (Anime Girlies)

Me First & The Gimme Gimmes
Music Videos - Heavy Metal - Hard Rock
j lzrd / swift idiot
CAMINANTE SAYS: 'Less for the cover, more for the video

Motley Crue - Kickstart My Heart

Music Videos
Herr Matthias
Sorry, the Ventrilo Harassment video made me submit this one.

Aging Spinsters

Music Videos - Alternative Progressive Indie Art
infinite zest
Stephen Meritt's song about aging hipsters

Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Relax (Banned gay SM version)

Music Videos
Technically Safe For Work, but viewer discretion is strongly advised.

Lynndie (She-Wolf of Abu Ghraib)

Music Videos - Heavy Metal - Hard Rock
Void 71
Pungent Stench's heartwarming tribute to Lynndie England.

Moby - Beautiful (The Furry Fandom Video)

Music Videos - Pets & Animals
Music video by Moby about a 60s swingers party, with furries. Sex, murder, intrigue. Furry intrigue.

Music By Cavelight (full album)

Music Videos - Rap Hip-Hop
Easily in my top 5 albums of all time across all cultures and styles.

Children's Story

Slick Rick
Music Videos
One of the greatest rap singles of all time.

Cretin Hop

Music Videos - Misc/Unknown
John Holmes Motherfucker
Too disliked for poe-tv.com

10cc - I'm Mandy Fly Me

Music Videos - Classic TV Clips
William Burns
She's Mandy, fly her.

Excerpts from The Now Explosion! (1970)

Music Videos - Classic TV Clips
Incredibly trippy clips from an Atlanta-based show that was essentially proto-MTV.

A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief

David Johansen
Music Videos - Misc/Unknown
David Johansen sings a Mormon hymn (From the movie New York Doll)

My Girl's Pussy

Harry Roy & His Orchestra
Music Videos - Blues Jazz Soul Gospel
Koda Maja
Delightful 1930's ditty about a pet cat. Probably best not to play at work.

My Pussy is Magic

Jessica Delfino
Music Videos - Misc/Unknown
It's like a car accident.

Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit (Top of the Pops)

Music Videos - Classic TV Clips
Instead of pretending to play instruments and lip synch, they goof off and Cobain actually SINGS!

Porno For Pyros - Pets

Music Videos
And we've been pretending to have a 90's week without this?

Punk Confusion

Music Videos - Punk/Hardcore
infinite zest
catchy shit from fullerton

Find It

The Carrie Nations
Music Videos - Pop
A song performed by the fictitious girl band from Russ Meyer's Beyond the Valley of the Dolls

Cornflake Girl

Tori Amos
Music Videos
Tori Amos' video for Cornflake Girl

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