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Desc:The earliest surviving copyrighted motion picture.
Category:Educational, Classic Movies
Tags:sneeze, edison, short and sweet, library of congress
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is it already safe for work fetish week again?
It's always SFW fetish week in our hearts.

copyrighted? no
I say, this fellow who has been under the subversion of allergies to the point wherein he must sneeze must visit my personal physician by the name of Thaddeus Barnsworth. Such a physician's care is quite an advantage when faced with the annoyance of embodied reactions.

Why, just the other fortnight, he procured for me quite a remarkable liniment. I was quite dubious at first since the bottle displayed no address of manufacture (I do mean to say how does one convey a compliment or complaint to the maker without an address!), however this apothecary's miracle was not only able to cure my choleric, but a rather persistent wart on my backside as well.

I must end this commentary as I have just been called by wire to take voyage on the quickest steam ship down the river to Charleston. They wish me to arrive within three weeks - so I must make haste from my current location in Dover if I am ever to make it there in the time allotted to me.

As a post script, I do admire this fellow's mustache. It is truly a gentleman's style!

Philas Poddington Chesterfield, Esq.
All for you.

It is my own considered opinion that this visual missive is, in fact, not real, but a rather complex put-on. The whole thing seems entirely not right for being a depiction of someone actually going through the experience of sneezing. The head moves are all wrong and, were one to actually expel from the nose as such, it would have expelled much more mucus.
My congratulations to Mr. Edison on his remarkable technogical achievements, but by no means should he be squandering his talents on such trifle.


Sammy Barnathan
I'm thinking one of Beefheart's early videos just from the preload image.
Did people EVER really look like that? What would he look like recorded in a digital camera?
That IS a digital camera. Everything was grainy and choppy like that before the 1900s.

j lzrd / swift idiot
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