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Desc:Ear mites.
Category:Nature & Places
Tags:dog, spinning, ear mites, centripoop
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Comment count is 14
The God of Biscuits - 2010-07-01
That's one long game of dreidel.
charmlessman - 2010-07-01
Was that a poop that flew out its butt at :30?
Ursa_minor - 2010-07-01
Yep, and the owner goes "Ohhhhh".

I feel bad for the dog for being so incredibly fucked. I had a little fox terrier that was just as neurotic as this, and she died because of it. I was actually kind of glad, because this shit gets old really quick.

chumbucket - 2010-07-01
still on carpet: 20 points

mouser - 2010-07-01
Spinning this fast will make you centripoop too.

Centripoop. That ought to be a tag.

urbanelf - 2010-07-01
It's trying to go back in time so it can kill Hitler's mother.
Tuan Jim - 2010-07-01
Why the fuck would anyone own this?

Comeuppance - 2010-07-01
For our entertainment, I would imagine.
Complete success, especially given 0:30.

Jeriko-1 - 2010-07-01
Picturing dog just spinning faster and faster until it hovers off into the sky.

TeenerTot - 2010-07-01
Clearly the dog does this when it wants out. The owner is an asshole for standing there filming for so long instead of just opening the door. I hope the shit stained his oriental rug.

Man I'm in a bad mood today.
Old_Zircon - 2010-07-01
Yeah, if this dog were outside it would be doing the same thing, but in a straight line.

glasseye - 2010-07-01
Obviously the ear mites are only in one of its ears.
twinkieafternoon - 2010-07-01
Don't get a dog's hopes up like that. Outside should always mean "outside."
Cube - 2010-07-01
Fucking stop inbreeding dogs already.
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