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fedex - 2014-05-14

wtf did I just watch?

FABIO - 2014-05-14

FUCK did that movie suck. More Lost style mystery-shotgunning bullshit with the most obnoxiously lazy blue/orange color scheme.

misterbuns - 2014-05-14

prometheus is terrible and it goes without saying but WHAT is that music. It's FABULOUS.

Jet Bin Fever - 2014-05-14

You can make a list of about 20 things that could have been different about the movie that would've made it an amazing film. That said, those 20 things weren't changed, and as it is, it's pretty atrocious.

One change would be that this music should've been played throughout the whole movie.

memedumpster - 2014-05-15

This song is fab... wow, that really is the only word for it, fabulous.

I watched Prometheus expecting it to just straight suck and I was still surprised at how bad it was.

Sputum - 2014-05-15

Prometheus was better than Alien Resurrection, and the Alien vs Predator movies. That doesn't make it good, but it was a little refreshing to get something in this franchise that wasn't complete garbage.

Adham Nu'man - 2014-05-15

Prometheus was almost as bad as Transformers 2. Transformers to is just my "nadir" point of reference to measure shit against.

Boomer The Dog - 2014-05-15

Five for the music too, it's the band Evidence, with The Evidence! I haven't heard that for a while but it was played on the Disco To Go radio show here in Pittsburgh by Rick Jankowski.


StanleyPain - 2014-05-15

How do you know if someone didn't like Prometheus?

Oh, don't worry..they'll fucking tell you.

Nikon - 2014-05-15

I really wanted to like Prometheus. And I ended up liking its set and monster design. The script could have been a lot better.

EvilHomer - 2014-05-15

HR Giger's dead?!?!

HR Giger just died, and you dorks are talking about Prometheus? What the hell?!

roofle - 2014-05-15

Pretty much what I was thinking, fuck Prometheus. Giger along with Syd Mead essentially carved a hole in my brain with their designs and concepts. Hopefully his casket is as phallic as possible, RIP.

Adham Nu'man - 2014-05-15

Yeah the thing is we've heard the news days ago so we've had the time to internalize it and now we can shit all over Prometheus all we want.

chumbucket - 2014-05-15

I've seen worse films. It's also likely we won't see an artist like him to do this level of great work in sci-fi film.

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