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Desc:E.A. Koetting throws some salt around, breathes heavily, and recites made up words.
Category:Religious, Stunts
Tags:satanism, hair gel, goatee, occultism
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Comment count is 14
This approach to religion has a lot in common with PUA.
You could probably make a bundle selling a "pick up women with occult power" DVD.
Sanest Man Alive
*point to Faustian bargain*

*point to Chub-Niggurath*

Wassup and Yolo ye, my chosen ones, this is VeilRenderDoggieStyle and in this video I'll be showin' you how to hide your Hadit in her Nu without spending a lot on drinks. Like it says in the Lawg Book : The word of Sin is restriction, so let's get those veils opened and summon us some bitches!

First, you need to find a cheap bar, not to pick up Nugina, but to take a classier Nugina from a more expensive bar...

"If you don't have any sandalwood, a few sprays of "Anarchy for Him" Axe Body Spray will appease the dark lord just as effectively."

He looks like Ron Pearlman in full Beauty & The Beast makeup. I wonder if he always did or this is a result of dabbling the dark arts
My favourite part was the sound the salt shaker made when he pulled out the spout.
My favorite part was the wallet chain reveal followed closely by a fantastic salt shaker flourish.

I wonder if he ever got his question answered as to how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie roll pop.

Father Avalanche
Much like asking God to bless your favorite football team, asking Bael to hook you up with tickets to Korn is just kind of disrespectful.
Eh, it's no dumber than ceremonially eating a cracker you think will turn into the flesh of a magical dead rabbi.
So, did it work?
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