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Viewing: Stunts

inflatable tomato
'CAD WEST' - Low Flying Jet Site In Wales aka 'Mach Loop'
Anal Cunt, 8/26/93, San Francisco, Ca, Nightbreak
Bab Alhara - A Syrian Fight Scene
Cat Riding Magic Flying Carpet. #HappyHalloween I TexasGirly1979
Chicago's Magical Piano
Crazy motorcycle chase through shopping center!
Extreme Demonic Possession - Wise Man Daniel - NSFW
John Oliver Roasts Silicon Valley At The Crunchies
Mountain Bike Over a Ski Jump
Sumomo the chimpanzee + Ungirls
TGI Fridays Launch #Togethermas Mistletoe Drones
"Man of Most Shirts" Documentary Trailer
"Satisfaction" - Construction Crew Remake
"World's Strongest Man" Mark Henry Fails To Break Into A Gimmicked Steel Cage
#2: I'm not like most guys. I'm a feminist! And hot peppers.
Группа Война зац
На что способна м
'Attention' by AliasG
'Bale Out' - Christian Bale Meltdown Dance Remix
'Beach Oops'
'Blow Me' Trailer
'Daredevil' - Hallway fight scene
'Dear Putin, If I Was Your Mother...'
'Drops of Jupiter' self duet
'Dudes' hurting themselves on pogo sticks
'Harold Buttleman, Daredevil Stuntman' FULL FEATURE FILM
'I don't apologize to you!'
'I Married Dora' Unexpected Closing Scene from Series Finale
'In Search of...' the coming Ice Age
'It's Torture!'
'Macho Man' Randy Savage - ?
'My Girls 1 Cup' reaction video
'not crippled, just fat'
'Revealing Eden' preview, read by yammering guy
'Spread the Joy'
'The Incredible Hulk' costume
'The Mask We Live In' trailer
'Well of Death' carnival show in India
'Where's your helmet, Kyle?'
(animated) Prestidigitation is ridiculous. D&D 5E
/v/ celebrating Gaben's 50th birthday
03BGood: Exposing IMDb's Shitty 'User reviews'
1.18.15 NJ Turnpike I-95 Crash - Black Ice - Trailer flip
10 Amazing Science Tricks Using Liquid!
10 Reasons to Love & Hate John Cena - OSW Xtra
10 Year Old Killing Machine Kicks Gangbanging Don Cheadle's Ass
10 Years of Remi Gallard
10-Man Genie In The Lamp Ladder Match - CHW Backyard Wrestling
100 Sizzling Japanese maids in Action
100 ways to die in Garry's Mod 10
11-year old girl does a 14 minute headspin
110lb girl fires a 12-gauge double-barrel shotgun
111-year old tuatara lizard, also a fresh father
12 year old girl wins the Gringo Warrior Challenge
12 year-old child teaches you calculus 2
120 mph run on a crowded Russian freeway ends predictably
121 Foot Rule Guy
12345 five different female amputees with a leg mputation doing aerobic
13 year old girl plays Liszt's Hungarian Rhapsody #2.
15 Minutes of Axl Rose Asking for Reggae
18 Bronze Girls of Shaolin (1983) - Training sequences
1977 World Frisbee Championships
1980's Teen House Party Gets Busted - Real Footage (1989, NSFW)
1992 World Bodybuilding Federation Championship (full show)
2006 Yoyo Champion
25 DABS IN A ROW!!!!!!!! ☆☆☆FAST☆☆☆
2D Photography Rube Goldberg Device
3 point landing compilation
35 minutes of accidents and explosions.
3rd Chessboxing Light Heavyweight Championship Match
4 cans of Copenhagen, part 2
5 Second Films - Planking
5th degree black belt test
600 Pound Ssbbw Donna Crushes a Whole Pumpkin
61 things on a cat
7 year-old Dancing at the Playground
727 kph RC jet plane
8 Heads in A Duffel Bag-Throwing Grandma out
9 volt battery hack! You'll be surprised.
9 year old hockey phenom scores amazing goal on breakaway shootout
91-year-old Keg Stand
99 Red Balloons, played on red balloons
A baby seal riding on a turtle.
A Boy in a Watermelon
A cat plays Jenga
A Chinese Odyssey Part 1: Pandora's Box (whole movie)
A Chinese Odyssey Part 2: Cinderella (whole movie)
A Collection of Godfrey Ho 'Ninja' Fight Scenes.
A College Football Play With 15 Lateral Passes.
A Dance For A Lady
A Different Dungeons & Dragons Cartoon Intro
A dog gives kitty a scooter ride
A fan runs out onto the baseball field and...
A Few Moments of Gameplay from Bunga Bunga
A Fresh Breath of Farm Air (Fresh Prince Parody)
A Gaggle of Harley Quinns Chase a Flock of Jokers at SDCC '12
A Guy Pulls a Tiny Bicycle Out of His Backpack and Rides it
A Guy Shooting Clay Pigeons With A Bow.
A Hobbit's Tail
A honey bee taking a nail out of a wall
A huge Concorde RC plane powered by two turbines.
A jeep finds a purpose for existing
A little walk in the dunghill
A MIDI keyboard made out of bread.
A Miser Brother's Christmas - 'Brothers'
A mishap
A penguin Dilemma
A playground idea that probably won't make it to America
A prank of smell
A reality show contestant is voted off the island
A redneck man in Germany makes America proud
A Russian rolls a large spindle down a hill
A short action scene
A Study about Hanger Reflex
A Wave of Crazy
A Witch's Confession [VHS] [199?] [Satanic Found Footage]
A woman ends an argument.
' a.k.a John Kerry Solutions Ltd.
A.J. Styles saves his opponent's neck
Aalavandhan- car chase
Abe Vigoda in Good Burger
Abercrombie & Fitch Ads Reimagined As 'Attractive & Fat' (PHOTOS)
AC/DC - Thunderstruck, played on Guzheng.
Accused Teen Killer On Vine
Action Bronson - Brand New Car
Action Jackson: "I have to catch a cab!"
Adam Green ambushes ambush reporter
ADHD Drummer
Adobe AfterEffects: Resident Evil Wesker Sunglasses Throw
Adolescent Spider-Man's powers fail him
Adrian Wilson (AZ Cardinals) 66 inch jump
Adventures of Miss Fit
Affluenza teen Ethan Couch missing; warrant issued
Afghan soldiers love weed
Against the Drunken Cat Paws (aka Flying Claw Fights 14 Demons) trailer
AI/DC:Great Balls
Air Traffic Control: Mayday Mayday I have a door ajar!
Airbending - Moving Wind with Mind and Spirit
Al Franken grills Betsy DeVos at senate hearing
Alan Grayson Cut Off In House for Comparing Congress to Dog Poop
Alan Grayson Reads off the Dead
Albuquerque city council canidate Pat Davis has a new TV ad
Alex Jones annoys Karl Rove
Alex Jones has INCREDIBLE UNDENIABLE STUPEFYING PROOF the birth certificate is fake.
Alex Jones has something to say about diplomacy with China
Alex Jones Says Gay People Are Created By The Government
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in voice chat on HBomberguy's Donkey Kong 64 livestream
Algorithm March with 967 inmates in Cebu, Philippines
Alien: Covenant - full trailer
Aliens - Bishop's Knife Trick
Aliens on Ice
All guns blazing? Anti-Trump protesters tote rifles at demonstration in Arizona
All the Batman 'window cameos'.
All Winners Squad
All-Star Bowling Trick Shots
Alluda Mazaaka Full Movie
Amazing motorcycle chase in São Paulo
Amazing Trick Shot
Ambulatory excavator
America's Got Talent - The Human Fountains
America's Next Top Homeless Person
American Flatulators [1996] [VHS] [Parody]
American Ninja Warrior: The Weatherman
Americas Got Talent Contestant Gets Knocked Out
AmeriGEDDON! an Interview with film maker Mike Norris (son of Chuck Norris)
An actual Bioware panel about Dragon Age 3
An ant carrying cat food
An attempt to walk across concrete pylons
An experiment.
An increasingly odd Troy Hurtubise
An Indian (?) fight scene
An interesting Scrabble tournament match
Anarchist headbutts former Prime Minister
ancient chinese Zippo lighter tricks
Andrew Dice Clay gets banned from MTV for life
Andy Kaufman in Memphis News Report
Andy Kaufman: The Midnight Special (1981, whole thing)
Andy Kindler Dane Cooks it up in Vancouver, 2006
Andy Schlafly vs. NJ Supreme Court
Andy's Hygiene Tips
Angry Man With No Arms Destroys Hotel Lobby
Animals With Human Heads!
Animation Has No Borders
Anime girls covering Pretty Fly (for a White Guy)
Ann, wait!
ANNIE (1982) Drawbridge scene.
Another Exercise Ball To Head Video
Another Japanese athletic challenge
Another Magical Indian Fight Scene
Anti-Coning McDonalds Manager
Anti-gay student activist just thought he won an argument
Anti-Immigrant Speech With a Surprise Twist
Anti-Trump camera exhibit catches concerning behavior
Anvil vs. Hydraulic Press
AOC spits fire at Yoho
Apollo 13 pinball: 13-ball multiball
Apple: Blue Busters
Aqua Park, Russian Style
archery speed shooting
Ari Vatanen - In Car Manx 1983 - SS4
Army hijinks
Asian caught masturbating in a library
Ask Strax the Sontaran
ASMR Video #97: Whispering and Eating Best Ever Breakfast Burritos
Athlete of the Week: Super Speed Stacking Kid
ATL WaterPark Tour 2 (Rollerblade Edition)
Ator flies!
Australian Chick Plays the Kazoo
Autonomous Sliding Parking
Avatar: The Way of Water
Aventador Crash - Moment of Impact
Awesome softball catch
Ayako Miyake becomes the first Women of Ninja Warrior winner
Ayako Miyake is a highly efficient obstacle course destroying machine. (Win Number 3)
Ayako Miyake wins Women of Ninja Warrior, AGAIN!!
B&E Cribs
Babe's Squirt Pillow
Baby Metal: Gimme Chocolate
Baby Powder
Baby Snakes (1979, the whole thing)
Bach's Tocatta and Fugue in D Minor by foot
Bad Lip Reading: The Walking Dead Season 4
Bad time to drift
badass sighting 2.0
BakuTen - Dominos
Balloon Boy Gets Sick on TV
Balloon Boy: 10 Years Later
Balloon Popping On A Couch
Bamboo Rockets
Banana Fire
Banshee - 'Arresting' some MMA douchebag
Barack Obama : A Tribute to Hope
Barack Obama Doesn't Change Facial Expressions.
Barbershop quartet singing Acoustix's 'Stars and Stripes Forever'
Barf Art
Barnacle Goose chicks falling off a cliff
Barney Fights T-REX At Comic Con!
Barney Frank Farts On Live Television
Bas Rutten v Frank Shamrock (1996)
Bat takes a leisurely swim
Bath At Burger King
Bathtub diving
Batman Goes Au Go-Go
Batman Stunt Show - Six Flags Over TX 1993
Batman v Superman: The Fundamental Flaw
Batman vs Catwoman (Catfight)
Battle Masters - Board James - Cinemassacre.com
Battlefield 1942: The LoopZook
Bayonetta - opening Graveyard Scene
Be Black, Baby - 'Hi Mom !' (1970)
Be Water My Friend! Bruce Lee Remix
Beatlemania: The Movie
Beatmania IIDX 17 Sirius - Almagest (A CLEAR)
Beauty School - trailer (1993)
Beginners Guide To Bondage | This Morning
Behold the Newest Media Panic
Belgian Shotput Athlete Runs Hurlde Race After Team Racers Injured
Belinda Bedekovic - Airplane Improvisation
Beloved Bible teacher Marilyn Hickey remembers her first meeting with Charisma CEO and Founder Steve
Ben plays Through the Fire and Flames
Benick112 was a cheerleader all along
Beowulf - Trailer (Christopher Lambert edition)
Berries And Cream Starburst ad
Best shadow puppets ever
Best Use of the Stock 'Howie Long' Scream
Big Brother 9 - Mohammed eats a 'bogey'
Big Japan Pro Wrestling "highlight" video
Big Top Cupcakes
Big Trouble in Little China - Wedding Fight
Bigfoot sighting on Michigan live Eagle-Cam
Bike Stunt Goes Pop
Bike Tricks of 1899 - filmed by Thomas Edison
Biker Dumps Girlfriend
Bikerfox on Fredrik and Phillip
Bill Nye and Astro Mike on Space Radiation and Electromagnetic Shields
Bill O'Reilly Denies the Existence of Homeless Veterans
Bill O'Reilly interviews a patient of Dr. Tiller
Billie Joe Armstrong's tantrum at the I Heart Radio Music Festival
Billy Corgan on ECW
Billy Mays calls Vince ShamWow out
Biography - Lolo Ferrari - The woman with the biggest breasts in the world*
Bird Poops in Reporter's Mouth
Black Belt Jones - First Dojo Fight.
Black Belt Jones - Midnight Dojo Battle
Black Isle's Mayan Apocalypse Replacement Program
Black Lives Matter Interrupts Fox News' Trump Town Hall - August 23, 2016
Black Magick To Shamelessly Manipulate Human Beings
Black Man Lawfully Carrying Gun Gets Pummeled by White Vigilante at Walmart
Blend Your Own Adventure
BLINDFOLDED Knives Gone Wild: Knife-Chucks
Blob Jump Launch
Bloodhound Gang ejected from Russia over flag stunt
BloodSugarBreath-Uncontrollable Notes
Blow Up Man Pops
Blue Wave Trailer
Boards Of Canada - Dayvan Cowboy
Boatman Fighter
Bob Hoover tells his absurd, incredible story.
Bodyblading, smaller road, some night shots
Boeing Prepares the 787-9 for the Paris air show
Boiled Coke Challenge gone wrong
Bold Stallion of a Man Catches Foul Ball in Beer, Chugs Beer
Bollywood horse-grind.
BOLTR: Blendtec it blends, but will it chooch?
Bomb Surfing
Bootsy's Rubber Band - Disciples Of Funk
Border patrol beats & tasers that guy who keeps asking for it
Border Patrol Gets Flummoxed
bored construction workers
Borts Minorts Shows Off His Stuff
Botched Christ fresco artist opens exhibition
Bouncer removes doorway obstruction
Bowling alley freak's secret fetish
Boys Alone
Brainiac - Things But Very Slowly
Brawndo: The Thirst Mutilator
Break Nothing: Seinfeld vs. Limp Bizkit
Breakdancing Granny
Breaking all the glass windows and doors at McDonald's
Breaking Bad - RUN.
Breaking Bad: Ambush (SPOILERS)
Breast Health PSA-Kelly Shibari
Brian Blessed - Everest Story
Bridget the Midget 'stabbed boyfriend while he slept with other woman'
Brilliant Bathroom Mirror Prank
Bristol Palin on 'Dancing With the Stars'
Brotherhood Of The Wolf - Mani
Bruce Le Uses Martial Arts to Decimate A Bull
Bruce VS Chuck!
Brush with death
Bryan Fischer Plays the Race Card
bubble wrap in an industrial press
Bubbles - The Man Who Sold the World
Buck Fight Interrupted by a Bullet
Bugatti Type 35 B - Accident in Brampton,ON
Bumblebee costume
Bunny wants his bed back
Burger King | #FeelYourWay
Burger With Crying Compilation
Burning piano (played by Yosuke Yamashita)
Bus makes a wrong turn.
Buster Keaton - The Art of the Gag
Buster Keaton defies logic, death to make you laugh
Buster Posey makes a perfect throw into distracted pitcher's glove
Butthole Surfers give Lollapalooza ྗ exactly the amount of respect it deserved.
Buzz Aldrin attempts to cope with Trump's speech on space.
Buzzing Cliffs while Wing-Suit Base Jumping is Boring Now
Call your grandparents.
Cambodian TV Show Pranks Girl
Cameras mounted on falcons and goshawks
Campaign ad for most eligible Republican candidate yet
Can Big Girls Fly?
Can I fit in a Ferrari 360 Modena trunk?
Canadian junior high school principal takes out the trash!!!
Canadian Man Sets Family On Fire
Candy Throw
Captain Beefheart - Trout Mask Replica (1969, full album)
Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons End Credits
Car Chase sequence from 'The Seven-Ups' (1973)
Car go fast.
Car hits train
Car roof wrestling done gone perfectly
Car vs. Trampoline
Carbide Shooting Compilation
Carts of Darkness
Cash Flow Generator Infomercial with the Rice Twins
Casper the Commuter Cat
Caspian Airlines Tu-154 Crash near the Qazvin in Different view
Castle of the Winds
Casu marzu cheese
Cat bites his own tail
Cat Burglar Ninja
Cat D11T Bulldozer Car Crush
Cat doesn't wanna
Cat Elevator
Cat flushing the toilet song
Cat freaks out on laser
Cat Goes Downstairs
Cat goes skydiving
Cat needs breasts
Cat Prank
Cat sofa dive
Cat vs Windshield Wipers
Catus Jack Asks for a Chair
Cause and Effect
Caveman on Drugs
CBS's Promo for 'The Briefcase'
Ceiling fan DIY project
Chain Surfing
Challenges of Bathing | Half-Ton Killer?
Chambers of Shaolin (Amiga) - Test of the stick - Easter egg
Charger The Wolf's voices I can do so far
Charlie Chaplin is a God Among Men
Charlie Chuck plays the drums
Charlie Hunter - 8-String Guitarist
Charlie Tamayo
Chase, the cat with no face
Chasers - Trojan Horse
Cheeleader makes half-court shot without looking
Chelyabinsk 38 vs Yekaterinburg 38
Chicken Thow (cover of Stupid Hoe)
Chimpanzee performs an amazing feat
China's Belt and Road initiative
Chinese Robot Dentist Performs World's First Implant Surgery WIth No Human Help
Chinese Super Ninjas - Wood Ninjas scene
Chiranjeevi horse skid
Chiranjeevi tractor fight
Chiranjeevi tractor fight
Chouji Meikyuu Legion (1987) arcade longplay
Chow Daddy - PSA - 1987
Chris Burden - 'Shoot'
Chris Chan CONFIRMED FOR BRAWL [8/16/09]
Chris Houlihan room in A Link to the Past
Chris Jericho challenges David Arquette on Lopez Tonight
Chuck Norris vs. Muslims - The Hitman (1991)
Ciclope reveals his true identity
Circular Saw Blade Slingshot
City Council Open Meeting - March 15 2022, Plano Texas
Clip from 'Youth Suicide Fantasy'
Clotex tampons
CM Punk and the invisible microphone
CM Punk beats John Cena, wins title, leaves company
CM Punk doesn't like Juggalos
CM Punk Shoot Interview
CNN Covers A Very Particular Instance of Contempt of Court
Coach of the Royals is sick and tired of reporters' bull***t
Cockatoo running on the floor yelling nonsense at everything
Coco the clown undercover prostitution sting
Cold Steel - Carp Hunting
College Basketball Game Gets Rick Roll'd
Colombian Police deal with a dangerous armed man
Comcast Xfinity's repair trucks may have caused multiple slide offs and collision.
Comedian tells his girlfriend to f*** off on live TV
Complete Playthrough of Action 52 (NES)
Comrade Kim Goes Flying Trailer
Conan O'Brien The Barbarian - Stunt Montage with Steven Ho
Concrete Buffer Gone Wild
Connor interviewed by Fox News reporter
Conservative commentator rants about wokeness, fails to define it
Contrabass Saxophone
Conway Twitty's A Twismas Story
Cool Guy has chill day
Coolest English Bulldog Ever
Cop Bodyslams Woman, Breaks Her Face
Cop slide
Cop Tricked Into Thinking Prison Escapee is a Jogger
Corrupted Fist of the North Star Intro
Cotton Candi'S Workout Day 45 Countdown @AIKENSGYM
Courtney Love covers Jay-Z's '99 Problems'
Courtney Stodden - Car Candy
Cow Drops Through Roof Into Barn
Cowboy, with White TShirt, Scotland Shirt, Smoking My Spitfire, Meerschaum, Curved; Pipe Tobaccos
Cowgirl scene from "Myra Breckinridge" (1970)
CPAC booth features MAGA hatter pretending to be imprisoned Jan 6 victim
Crashing Online Classes by Hitting my Bong
Crazy 1933 chemical recipes PART 2! solid gasoline, thermite tracers, and more!
Crazy Gail and Her Massive Dildo
Crazy Lady - Car Accident
Crazy Landlord Cathy Tretola
Crazy neighbor.
Crazy woman taunts wild cheetahs in Namibia
crazy yo-yo tricks
Creationist 'education' through 'humor', pt 1
Creationist 'education' through 'humor', pt 2
Creepy Display Of Strength
Creme That Egg!
Crossing a road in Hyderabad, India
CRS-10 | Falcon 9 First Stage Landing
Crucial Youth - Live at the Schlauch - Pforzheim / Germany 1989
Cruel Tricks for Dear Friends
CubeStormer II Lego robot can solve a Rubiks cube in 5.35 seconds
Cute Puppy Really Wants To Say Hello
CWC pretends to have multiple personality disorder
Cyclist Informs Driver that They are Parked in the Bike Lane
Cneyt Arkın - Turkish Chuck Norris
Dad Life
Dance like Ken Berry
Dance Party Iraq: The Ding Dong Song
Dancing Excavators
Dancing in the Caribbean
Dangerous Men [Clip] 'Brawl'
Dangerous Men [Clip] 'Real Men'
daniel pelletier
Danny MacAskill rides his bicycle peacefully around Edinburgh
Danse Macabre Clip ('Roominating')
Dark Knight Rises Batman Vehicle is lame as hell
Dark Side of the Ring S03E02 (Full) Brian Pillman Part 2
Darude 'Sandstorm' dance routine
Darude - Sandstorm
Dashcam Footage of Drunk Driving from Richmond to Burnaby BC
David Cross - An Open Letter to Larry the Cable Guy
David Letterman Reacts to John McCain Suspending Campaign
Dawn Whitman
Day in the life of Mega Man
DC's Legends of Tomorrow - First Look
Dead Like Me - Linecutting
Deadbeat at Dawn final fight scene
Deadly Vengeance (1981) - The Mob Boss Is Upset
Deaf boston terrier does hand sign tricks
Death Game | 2015 / Super Drift⚠{ Saudi Arabia }⚠ HD
Death metal vocal exercises
Deathrow Gameshow (1987)
Decatur man takes his dog to get a Big Mac
Def Comedy Jam: Alonzo 'Hamburger' Jones
Defunctland-Action Park
Dennis Quaid Has a Message For You
Depression and Chronic Headaches Cure by Cupping
Desert Eagle vs. Watermelons
Destination Truth-Mongolian Death Worm
Die Hard - Hans Gruber falls to his death
Dillon the Hacker lets 4Chan know what's what.
Dirtbike trap
Disk drop
Disney - John Henry
Disney's Wonderful World of Characters (Who Know How to Fight)
DISTURBING VIDEOS Satanism Temple Launched Attendees Transfer Souls to Satan at Baphomet Unveiling
DIY Ultrasonic Microphone Jamming Necklace with Naomi Wu
DJ Qbert Drumming
DJ Sara and DJ Ryusei
Do It Yourself home projector!
Do You Want to Get Punched in the Face?
Dog <3 leaf pile
Dog as filmed by a camera on a stick
Dog dancing to the Ducktales theme whilst getting its hair cut
Dog eats a bean burrito in one second
Dog in Dress Walks Like People
Dog Rides Bicycle, Leads Conga Line of Smaller Dogs
Dog riding on a turtle
Dog Stacking
Dogshark swims and jumps through cornfield.
Dolemite The Human Tornado - B!tch, are you fo' real?!
Dolph Lundgren sings Elvis, drums, and does a karate demonstration.
Don't Boil Your iPhone 6 in Coca-Cola!
Don't forget the Airplane Spin
Don't Mess With My Mind
Don't propose to your girlfriend during a hockey game.
Don't Quit Your Day Job
Donald Trump cuts head off ISIS and takes their oil
Donnie Yen vs. Collin Chou
Doom - Stairs
Doppeldecker crashes, hits car, during airshow, Germany
Dotted Lines
Double Team - Mickey Rourke and the Exploding Tiger
Double Trouble Recut
Douche Chill
Douche in a Corvette almost kills a bunch of people.
Douchebag vs NYPD
Dr. Who - Kung Fu Fighting
Dragonball Z eye catches
Dragonball Z Fusion in Real Life
Dragons Forever - Jackie Chan
Driscoll middle school trick play
Drive by Iraq Flashbang
Driving school for dogs in New Zealand.
Drone fetches Cigarettes
Drunk Chick + Gravity Vs. Glass Table
Drunk redneck tries to skate, fails
Drunk Russian on a Bike
Drunk Santa roof jump mishap
Drunken Master 2 - Initial Gang Fight
Dryer prank gone wrong.
DS9 The Best of Garak: The Way of the Warrior
Duckie Is Mad!
Ducktales-- The Quest for Gold
Dude accidentally sets kitesurfing record.
Dude slips on ice
Dudes having fun during aftermath of hurricane
Duel (1971) complete
Duel from 'The Princess Bride' (1987)
Duel To The Death (Full Movie)
Duke Nukem Forever - 'Feces!'
Duke Speedo Guy
Duke Strikes Back
Dukes of Hazzard opening
Dumb and Dumber - Phone Booth Scene
Dutch tank brake test
Dynasty season 5 cliffhanger
Eagle Style Kung Fu
Eagle tries to snatch an infant
Eagle-cam view of the Burj Khalifa
Eastern Condors End Fight - Sammo Hung Vs Yuen Wah
Eat Bulaga dance contest highlights
Eating 33 Year Old US MRE 1984 Ham & Chicken Loaf Vintage MRE Review Meal Ready to Eat Taste Test
Eating the World's Hottest Pepper
Ebisu Circuit: Spring Matsuri Part I - The Drift
Eclectic Method - Fight Dub
Economical Russian driver meets Murphy's law
Edgeworth Runs A Dog Race
EDM superstar Avicii's DJ set at Ultra festival, 2013
Edmontonian Woman Goes Metal on Transit
Egg Laying Splorch by PrimalHardwere
EKEKO The Smoking Elf (Duende) of Prosperity
El Caminito del Rey
Electric 'sucker car' sets new Goodwood Hill record.
Electro the Smoking Robot at the 1939 New York World's Fair
Elizabeth & Savage's Wedding Reception
Ellen & Oprah Take Over a Grocery Store Part 1
Elon Musk unveils ambitious Mars Colonization Plan at International Astronautical Congress
ELP | Emerson, Lake & Palmer - 40th Anniversary Reunion - Full Concert ᴴᴰ 2010
Elvira impersonates Hannahminx
Encounter of the Spooky Kind (1980) - trailer
Enter the Fat Dragon - Sammo Hung vs. Fake Bruce Lee.
Epic Meal Time - Chili Four Loko
Epic Meal Time - Slaughterhouse Christmas Special
Epic Meal Time - The Sloppy Roethlisberger
Eric Andre on the Arsenio Hall Show
Eric Trump in Pennsylvania
Ernest goes to Splash Mountain
Erotic Fanfiction Theater
ESPN 30 for 30: Nature Boy Ric Flair
Ethiopian man feeds wild hyenas
Evel Knievel's Crash at Caesar's Palace
Even MORE(!!!) Iraq Party Van!
Ever wonder what happened to people who kept riding BMX?
Every Face Punch in Road House
Every INSANE New Jack dive EVER!!
Evil Cult - Laughter is Good For You
Evil Ninja Killing Spree
Evocation Of The Demonic King, Bael - Live Ritual
Exercise Ball Mayhem
Exorcist/auctioneer demo reel
Extreme Diet Coke & Mentos Experiments II - The Domino Effect
Extreme Mormons
Extreme Pug Skydiving
Exuberantly Excessive Chinese New Year's Extravaganza
西部劇ごっこ 2020 は~じま~るよ~っ!!
Faces of (Snowman) Death
Failed Demolition of Apartments in China
Failed motorcycle stunts
Fake Knife Wound Scares Kids
Fake Stan Lee vs. ComicCon 2011
Fake Strongman Duo Prank Local Morning Shows
Fan Sinks Putt at Ryder Cup
Fat clumsy kid showcasing his sword technique
Fat Guy Ramps a Suzuki Sidekick
Fat Kid Bike Wipeout
Fat kid imitates John Cena
Fat Kid Unhappy With Royal Rumble 2014 Outcome
Fat woman Can't Get out of ditch
Fatal Termination (1990) - Chase scene
Fear is the Mind Killer
Federer scores unbelievable point to win US Open semifinals
Fedoras are awesome
Feeding Robber Crabs
Female Yakuza Tale Opening
Feminist Judge hates new glass stairs
Ferrari 458 Italia versus Suzuki Turbo Hayabusa in a drag race
Festo – OctopusGripper (English)
Fight Scene from 'Magic of Spell'
Fight Science: Katana vs Gel
Final Fantasy I: Solo White Mage vs. Chaos
Final Fight: Congress
Finale from The Battle Wizard
Fire Hazard: The Wrist Mounted Flamethrower
Fireworks container tests
First Aberdeen Gets Three New Buses
First Motorcycle Parachute Jump (1926)
Fishing boats nearly capsize entering the Greymouth River
Flame glove system demo
Flash mob in the Copenhagen Metro
Flat Out Friday 'Inappropriate' class race.
Flight of the Bumblebee (performed on slide whistle)
flipping in fursuits
Florida Man Uses 'Bush Doctrine' and Stand Your Ground to Justify Shooting 3 People
Flying a drone through Crossrail tunnels - BBC News
Flying Lawnmower
Flying Motorcycle Scene from Megaforce
Flying People in New York City
FMW Hayabusa & Sasuke vs. Kuroda & Gannosuke
Folding a fitted sheet.
Folding chair "Flexible Love"
Foo Fighters cover 'Tom Sawyer' by Rush w/ vox by audience member Brian
Foot 2008
Football is not gay2
For the Record: Burning Bibles
Foreign man runs into a wall.
Foreigners learning Japanese
Four minutes of rats playing basketball
Fox and Friends, with special guest Thomas Jefferson
Fox News reporter heckled at Values Voter Summit
Fox News Reporter Questions Anti-War Demonstrators In Denver
Foxy Brown Beats Up a Bunch of Lesbians
François Gissy Bicycle World Record 207 mph 333 km/h
Frank Zappa & Captain Beefheart - El Paso 1975
Frank Zappa - 05/17/1988 - Barcelona, Spain (concert)
Frank Zappa - Civilization Phaze III (1994, full album)
Frank Zappa - Dupree's Paradise (August 21, 1973 @ Solliden, Skansen, Stockholm, Sweden)
Frank Zappa - Make A Jazz Noise Here (1988/1991)
Frank Zappa - Palais des Sports, Paris, France (11th June 1980)
Fred Astaire - Drum Crazy
Fred Durst: 1989 Demo/Video
Fred Phelps Parodies 'Bad' by Michael Jackson - 'God's Mad'
Free Bouncy Rides
Free Ketchup Movie
Freebie and the Bean - Car Chase Sequence
Freerunner miscalculates spiked wall
Freestyle Finger Snapping
Freeway Wheelie Goes Wrong
French chick plays the didgeridoo
Fresh Prince of Bel-Air - Carlton Runs Around The Whole Set
Froggy Fresh - The Fight
Frozen Cat
Fruit Ninja
FUCK YOU Trailer | TIFF 2018
Fukushima reactor : Robot finds Melted Fuel Debris seen for first time
Fun in Turkey
Fun with an iPhone 3GS
Fun With Finger Rotters
Furby gets drilled
G Gordon Liddy on Fear Factor
G.L.O.W. - Cheerleaders Vs Heavy Metal
G4 Ninja Warrior Audition
Gaining weight so the gov't will pay for a gastric bypass
GameCenter CX - Princess Tomato Gets Her Salad Tossed
Gamma Knife & People-Vultures, KGALTW
Gandalf holds up traffic
GANG STALKING a tumbleweed
Gangsta Girl threatens WoW haters with tire iron, ninjitsu
Gary Coleman's Criminallly Short-Lived WCW Run.
Gays in the Military
Geek Love - Gamer Grill
Gene Simmons Aflame
George Duke - Reach Out (Piano Solo)
George Zimmerman to fight DMX in boxing ring
Ghost Pepper Cigarette
Ghost Ride the Mop
Ghost ridin' the combine harvester
Giant LEGO Boulder
GIANTESS BATTLE ATTACK Trailer (2022) Full Moon Sci-Fi Comedy
Gibbon on a bridge
Gibbs lifts weights
Gilbert Gottfried & Howard Stern goof on Eddie Murphy and Jerry Seinfeld
Gilbert Gottfried reads the Book of Genesis (Speech Synthesis)
Giles gets knocked down
Gimme an F - Underwear Dance
girl balances 15 books on her head, recites pi and solves a rubix cube
Girl honks at ship
Girl jumps through basketball hoop
girl lift guy
Girl nails Jimi Hendrix's Bold As Love on a gayageum
Girl Offended by Colbert has Satire Explained to Her
Girls are bad at things
Give us your cash, B--ch!
Giving a Cop the Finger
Glenn Beck brought to tears by the thought of how awesome he is
Glenn Beck Crying for a Photoshoot
Glenn Beck Sees Communist Imagery in NBC Building
Glenn Beck Summons Zombie Thomas Paine
Glenn Beck talks about Health Care... this time on Television.
Goats in Equilibrium
God Forbid Mosh Pit Fight
Godfrey Ho's Full Metal Ninja
Goin' Ape ain't so easy
Golden Balls - Split or Steal
Gollum at a wedding
Good News! Flat-earth steam powered rocket guy is okay!
GOODBYE VenomFangX - HELLO 1GOD1JESUS !!!!!!!!
Google tests its Chrome browser against spud gun, sound, and lightning
Google's 'coping with loss' ad.
GoPro on a Sparrow
Goro dances
Got an Autistic child and don't know what to do?
Goth Dance Battle
Granny almost falls out of skydiving harness
Grant Morrison Sings a Song Taught to Him by John Lennon's Ghost
Greasy Pole 2007, Gloucester, MA
great pop-and-lock robot dancing
Greatest Submission Move Ever
Greatest Tetris Player Ever
Green Porno - Fly
Green Porno - Preying Mantis
Greg "The Hammer" Valentine shows up in some tool's backyard wrestling fed.
Greg Lake - In The Court Of The Crimson King (live, 2005)
GREY STATE Official Concept Trailer
Grinding down a railing ends unfortunately
Group B Pure Sound
Guile's Theme Goes With Everything (Ninja Bear)
Guile's Theme goes with everything (Pool girl)
Gun Safety
Gurkha mercenaries demonstrate their deadly fighting style
Guy accidentally skis off 150 cliff
Guy Dresses Gay So He Can Get Harrassed for 3 Hours
Guy gets jacked while ghost riding the whip
Guy Gets Swung Around by Female Wrestler
guy gets world's lowest score in pacman
Guy Open Carrying AK-47 Stopped by police
Guy proposes by hacking Chrono Trigger
Guy sings A Whole New World
Guy takes a shot to the nuts for 'science'
Gymkata - The Awesome Trailer
H-O-R-S-E Champion of the World
Hacking Times Square
Half-Life 2 Asskicking Device
Halo 2600 for the Atari VCS
Hambone Kneeslap
Hambone Solo
Hamster Vacuum
Hand Fart- The Sound of Silence, by Simon and Garfunkel
Handicapped Dance Battle
Hands Across America
Hands On A Hardbody
Hang on, Woody!
Hans Lange BASE jump in Norway goes bad
Hara-Kiri - Swordfight
Hard Gay - Crotch attack
Hardball: Rick Santelli Responds to Robert Gibbs
Harlem Globetrotters Popcorn Machine
Harold Camping Donor Confronted
Harold Lloyd Fan Video
Harrison Ford on Conan
Harry Anderson doing a stage routine in the early 80s
Harry Shearer talks about The Day The Clown Cried
Having Fun with Elvis on Stage, Vol. I
Hawaii State Representative Acts Like He's The Man
HBO Documentary on Right Wing lunatics
He-Man: 'HEYEAYEA' 우주게이 히맨
Headquake's RC - #97 (66 bronco) March 28 2012
Heart of Dragon (1985)
Heaven Can Wait (dedicated to Whitney Huston)
Heavy metal monk
Heavy-lift ship lifts entire cruise liner out of the water
Helium and Sulfur Hexaflouride
Hella - Biblical Violence (live, date unknown)
Henkei Go Flasher
Hercules (1983) abridged - part 1
Here, you dropped this.
Hero: Spear VS Sword.
Heroes Of Might and Magic 6
Hey, Put That Cigarette Out!
Hidden Cam Reveals How Women Judge Men!
High Impulse Weapon System
High speed Amtrak train hits snow bank
High speed boat crashes into pole
High-Ballin' (1978)
Hiibel v. Sixth Judicial District Court of Nevada
Hilarios Bollywood action hero
Himalayas Unicycle Tour
Hip(po)s Don’t Lie: Plus-Size Model Wants World’s Largest Hips
Hired Guns in the Penokee Mountains
Hitgirl takes out the trash!
Hjernevask (Brainwash): Race
Holocaust Minecraft Project
Homemade Light Bulb
Homemade Plasma Generator
Horned Arizona Man Who Stormed Capitol, Via Getty are Both In Custody and Charged In Federal Court
Hornets fan gets hit in face by basketball
Hot Fuzz - Granny Kick
Hotdog eats a Batman
Hotel survival
House of the dead 4 Pinky Dual wielding
Houston Rockets mascot scares mallgoers
Hoveround Spinout Disaster
How a turtle on its back flips over
How Did David Copperfield Make the Statue of Liberty Disappear? EXPLAINED
How does Moby handle an intruder to his home?
How Michel Gondry Faked His Second Rubik's Cube Stunt
How Not to Exit a Parking Garage
How Primitive Building Videos Are Staged
How to Avoid Getting Hit By a Train
How To Catch A Seagull
How to disable an AK-47
How to Do a Coffee Enema for Liver Detox (Gerson Therapy)
How To Escape from Farts
How To Get Worker's Comp
How To Get Worker's Comp II
How to Introduce Yourself to a Girl
How to NOT commit Suicide!
How To Open A Wine Bottle Without A Corkscrew
How to Parallel Park
How to park your Porsche in Vancouver
How To Rip a Phone Book in Half
How to Stop Nightmares
HR Pufenstuf face painting
Huge Burps
HUGE Spray Can Explosions
Hula-hooping from the hula-hoop's perspective
Hulk Hogan & Macho Man Breathing
Hulk kid gets mad from mama jokes
Human Loop the Loop with Damien Walters
Husband and Wife Childless Because of Demons
Hustlers, Hoaxsters, Pranksters, Jokesters and Ricky Jay
I Am A Bouncer
I Am Maru
I am Not Maru
I deshaked Star Trek
I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant - Toilet Baby
I Didn't Know That: Kung Fu Strength
I don't think anyone actually thinks this is a delicacy
I Finally Understand Why People Like Wrestling
I got it!
I made the Jehovahs Witness watch me do backflips
I Wanna Be The Guy speedrun
I'll see your CP Munk...
I'm almost 60... and I've know what a meme is for five years
I'ma go git the woodchuck
IAmTheEnd1000 - Left Right!
Ibex scale near-vertical brick dam wall in Italy
Ice Climbing World Cup 2011 - Saas Fee Highlights
ICP pussys out from fight on Howard Stern
ICP request leads to standoff with SWAT team at KISS 108 studio in Medford, MA
Idiots inflate a hot air ballon with the words 'RON PAUL' written on the side.
Iggy Pop - The Tube 1983, full show
Iggy Pop vs. Fan
Immersion: The Video Game Car
Impossible Kid fight scene
Improbable gun fight from Last Man Standing
In the Beginning There Was Light (2010) - Trailer
Incoherent Japanese man plays Super Mario Land
Incredible Acrobatic Motorbike Accident
Incredible BMX stunt
Incredible Soccer Tricks
INCREDIBLE!!! Anus Cancer PROTRUDING From Man's Body VANISHES After Prayer!
Incredibly agile fat kid does gymnastics.
Indian floating martial arts.
Indian Pole Gymnastics
Indigo Prophecy/Farenheit : Mayan Hobo Showdown
Indoor jump ramp
Indoor Skydiving
Industrial dancing in a variety of public locations
Inflation and deflation of penile implant
Inline skating stunt goes wrong.
Instant karma in a Burger King
Intelligence Squared - Tim Wise speaking for affirmative action.
Intellivision Baseball
Internet Iconography - Goatse
Into Eternity - 2011
Introducing the SALZIG Sporthocker
Invisible Rope Prank
Iron Crotch Expo
Is This The Most Dangerous School Run In The World?
Islamicist Fear & Trembling
ISR baby surviving drowning
Istanbul June 2013 Protestors 3am dumpster bowling
It's a living
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia - Lethal Weapon 5
It's Rigged I Tells Ya, Rigged!
It's the wrong ball, coach!
Jack Lalanne - Face Workout
Jack Russell terrier rides a miniature horse
Jackie Chan - How to Do Action Comedy
Jackie Chan Street Fighter (from City Hunter)
Jackie Chan vs Two Badasses
Jackie Chan's greatest hits.
Jaguar swimming
Jake Brown X Games
Jamaican Thunder Cats
James Randi's tissue trick
James Taylor sings 'You've Got a Friend' to France
James the Preacher vs Westboro Baptist Church
James Urbaniak (Rusty Venture) performs a dramatic reading.
Japanese 3D-Printed Personal Clone Doll
Japanese Acrobats
Japanese costumes game show
Japanese Father smashes son's PS4
Japanese Game Show 'Running Cookie'
Japanese Game Show - Toy Story Edition
Japanese kid w/ukulele peforms 'Ob-la-di Ob-la-da'
Japanese lady wrastlin'
Japanese Learning English Number III
Japanese Learning English Review
Japanese man destroyes his room with his giant... well... (NSFWish)
Japanese man straps firecrackers to his stomach
Japanese Man Swallows
Japanese Mushroom Torture
Japanese Peeping Tom
Japanese Pranks
Japanese Pranks
Japanese RC Car drifting
Japanese Rocket Chair Prank
Japanese Tetris
Japanese woman has talented butt
Japanese women's wrestling
Jawsus Impression
Jeep escapes tow truck
Jeff Goldblum's Magic Work Is As Good As His Acting
Jelly Super Mario
Jem reacts to the new movie
Jenyne Butterfly Pole Dances
Jerry Falwell goes down a waterslide on PTL
Jerry Springer - Klanfrontation
Jesse Camp: The Pride of MTV
Jesus is Everywhere
Jet Powered Birdman Suit
JetBlue drama: flight attendant quits via escape chute
Jim Backus As Dr. Magoo
Jim Cornette on the Origin of Wrestling Terminology
Jim Sterling craps on Indie Game Battle
Jimbo on his War(r) Guitar
Jimmy Fallon / Paul Rudd Lip Sync Battle
Jimmy Kimmel Live - Perfect Stranger Things
Jimmy Kimmel Reveals 'Worst Twerk Fail EVER - Girl Catches Fire' Prank
Jo Jones, Caravan, 1964
Joe Exotic's wedding
Joe Scarborough has opinions
Joe the Plumber Isn't a Plumber
Joe the Plumber, the War Correspondent
Joerg and guests celebrate Easter
John Cage's 4'33 performed live by a full orchestra
John Lowrie Search for Sandvich: Gratuitous Product Placement or One Sweet Ride The Sandwich Saga
John Martyn plays a guitar instrumental in 1978
John Safran vs God - The Big Fatwa
John Safran vs Mormons
John Weidler Frontflip Guard Pass
Johnny Ding-Dong
Johnny Knoxville Motorcycle Crash
Johnny Rotten says he's voting Trump
Jon Hendren Defends Edward Snowden on HLN
Jorma is a dick
Jos Leduc's Blood Oath
Josh Womack just stole your wallet
Joyce Samuels, Record-Setting Nose Bubble Blower
Judge Caught On CCTV Keying Neighbor's Car (Resubmit)
Judge Dread sings and judges a competition in 1989 (NSFW)
Judge Judy: How did she break the toilet?
Juggalo Championship Wrestling montage
Jumbo Jet vs People on the Beach
Jumping a moving motorcycle
K-1 KO compilaton
Kabaddi World Cup 2006
Kabaddi: The Punjab Art Of Slap Fighting
Kanye West Knocks Out A Paparazzi
karateka tuesday
Karen Carpenter drum solo
Karen Kidnaps A Lowe's Delivery Guy
Karl Rove gets sh#t for calling Christine O'Donnell 'unelectable' and 'crazy' on Fox News
Karney187 Takes Issue With Potential Juggelette Poser
Katana VS Burglar Techniques
Katsumi Yamada is a steel worker, but moonlights as a ninja.
Kayaking Down a Drainage Ditch
Kea parrots developing new skills on the side
Keg Stand Faceplant
Kermit On A Bicycle - The Muppet Movie Outtakes
Kevin Richardson: Lion Pride Member
Kid Arrested for Church Fire After Posting About it on GameFAQs
Kid gets stuck in toy vending machine
Kid Gets Tooth Pulled With A Rocket
Kid in Godzilla outfit vs toy dinosaur
Kid Rides His Bike Into A Building
Kid slam dunks off of friend's back
Killer Karaoke
Kinetic sculpture continues to be neat.
Kinoko vs Hinata
Kissing the Opossum
KITT Destroyed
Kitten attempts a jump
Kitten climbs some stairs.
Kitten finds alternative transportation
Kitten riding a horseshoe crab.
Kitten suckles air
Kitties doing cute thing together.
Knife Throwing Mother
Knowshon Moreno goes airborne
Korean Boomerang Expert
Korsair 50000 in The Drainage Ditch ☢️💦
KOTH YTP Collab #3
Kris Holm - Unicycle video
Krump 2007 final battle
Kung Fu Auditions
Kung Fu Bear
Kung Fu Commuting
Kung Fu Hustle: Four-Eyes
Kung FU VS Yoga.
Kurt Russel parallel-parks a yacht.
L'Artiste est Morte (Live-Action)
L'preuve des seins dans fort boyard
L'Hydroptre: fastest sailboat on the planet
La Danse Apache (1935)
La Parka Tribute
Lady Eating Sand For 15 Years FREED!
Lady J takes a dump on the street
Lady Pretends to Get Hit By a Car
Ladybug plays with sprinkles!
Laird Hamilton - Big Wave Legend
Lambs having fun in the house
Land Cruiser Pancake
Large Ship Sailing on Ice While People Walk Next To It
Latest Couric interview with Palin and McCain
Latina Woman Assaulted With Poop
Lava run: man runs over glowing lava flow
Lawn Chair Larry
Leaf blower and an office chair
Learn to Spin a Pencil
Learned Pigs and Fireproof Women (1989)
LeBron James vs. David Kalb in a game of horse
Legendary Stardust Cowboy - My Underwear Froze To The Clothesline
Lego Mindstorms robot solves a Rubik's Cube in under :45.
Lemmy arm wrestles Ozzy
Leonard Nimoy is...BAFFLED! opening
Lesbian Gang Epidemic
Let a tired lady sleep
Let's Misbehave - Christopher Walken
Levi Johnston's Playgirl Shoot Revealed
Liam Neeson will come to your house and shoot your wife.
Liberal douche sings like a pig.
Lighthouse vs. Tidal Waves
lighting mcqueen goes tractor tipping with cars 2 characters
Like that video of the cheerleader going through a basket ball hoop
Lil Jon makes a beat
Limbless Man is Limbless
Lindzee - Amelymeloptical illusion
Linnea Quigley's Horror Workout
Listen Up, Duke Nukem Fans!!! Meet Dave Nukem!
Little Big Planet: Gradius
Little Dogs Pushing A Bigger Dog On A Bicycle
Little girl enjoys a trampoline
Little girl stairdancing.
Little Kid Scammer Swearing at Victim
Little Man funny scene
Little Octopus Climbing Over Rock
Live Action Darkwing Duck
Live Colonic Irrigation (SFW)
lobster butter shot
Lobster on a Skateboard
Local News Report on KFC Double-Down Abomination
Lockheed Martin: Compact Fusion Research & Development
Lokulokus Japanese squishy toy
Lone Wolf and Cub kill a bunch of women
Long Range Shooting
Longmont Potion Castle - 'Nannette Nunanacci'
Longmont Potion Castle - 'Nash'
Lorenzo Lamas Beats People Up in Renegade
Lots & Lots of Monster Trucks 2 (whole thing)
Lou Dobbs leaves CNN, probably to hunt Mexicans for sport
Lovebird does a dance
LOWEST 737 LANDING EVER! @ Skiathos, the second St Maarten | Air Italy 737-8BK crazy pilot!
Lowest Jet Flyby Ever, No Joke.
LT's Challenge: 24 ounce Smirnoff
Luck : A Compilation of Close Calls
Lupin III stage show at Universal Japan
Lux Interior shows how to work a crowd (1983)
Mad Jack’s Death Defying Tunnel of Fire Stunt
Mad Max chase
Mad Max Clips Set to Ace of Spades
Mad Max Opening Chase
Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)
Magician cat escapes from his collar
Magnetic Putty Time Lapse (Another One)
Maine Coon Cat Trick
Major League Baseball team bullpen antics
Make your own George Wood review
Making a sandwich from scratch
Malcolm In The Middle-Hal Roller Skates To Queen
Man builds street-legal Batmobile complete with a turbine engine
Man caught on tape having sex with a prostitute in an apartment complex parking lot
Man drives into rockslide
Man flies comically small jet airplane
Man fondles a small, hand-humping parrot
Man gets eaten by a Shark in Venice
Man gets run over by the car he just attacked
Man in giant inflatable Trump costume mocks him in street.
Man in Japan weds anime game character
Man is the Bastard (CBGB, 6/09/96)
Man jumps from stands and catches field goal kick in midair
Man Jumps on Egg, Doesn't Break It
Man kidnaps a wild Striped Hyena with his bare hands
Man Protests General Mills Support of Gay Marriage...
Man runs over himself
Man shoots at bottles from ten feet away, nearly blows his head off.
Man Skateboards down a ramp with son in his armz and FALLS!
Man skips backwards to safety
Man Steals Loader Tractor To Raid And Steal Motorcycles Leading Police On Surreal Chase
Man survives being dragged under a truck that was hit by a train
Man tries to hit 300kph (186mph) fastball
Man Turns To DOG, Eats Shoe In CHURCH!!!
Man uses his Leg as Bait to Catch a Python
Man VS 1,050 Slices Of Bacon
Man vs. gate
Man walks Capybara
Man-woman* with no shoulders** plays Prokofiev the way he should be played: in leather***
Mandy Barefoot Stuck in Glue
Manley ASMR
Manos - The Hands Of Fate
Manure Swim 1
Marble Madness arcade speed run
Mariah Carey pitches at a Japanese baseball game
Mariah Carey's breakdown on TRL
Marine Jon Ritzheimer's goodbye message
Mario goes on a stroll
Maru climbs a ladder
Maru Enters
Maru vs Hana
Marx Brothers stateroom scene from A Night At The Opera
Mass Games of Arirang (North Korean mass performances)
Massive Russian Brawl
Massive, Illicit Bust of Edward Snowden Stuck to a War Monument in Brooklyn
Master Ammar Addresses his Slaves
Matt Lauer: Wah-wah-wee-wah!
McCain Fills Diverse Audience with Only his Supporters
MCNas-D & DJFreakyFred - 'Gold Diggin Girls' 'Gold Diggin' Hoes'
McNugget Rampage - Security Cam
Meanwhile in Paris
Meanwhile in the Bhojpuri region...
Meanwhile, in Norway
Media Matters responds to threats from Michael Savage
Medieval MMA
Meet Oscar the dog
Meet the Doctor!
Mega Bomba
Mega Man 1 Time Attack
Mega64: Heavy Rain
Mega64: Metal Gear Solid 4
Mega64: Resident Evil 4
Mega64: Shadow of the Colossus
Mega64: Super Mario Bros. 3
MEGWIN - Gymnastics of no-bra
MEGWIN - Japanese man eats mints and yells
Memphis Blac feat. Smokahontas Jones
Mendes Harmónica Trio - Rock Around The Clock
menstruation frustration
MENstruation | Thinx
Merry Christmas POE!
Metal Detecting Derelict Buildings In Search Of A New Home.
Metal Gear Solid Picture Follies
Mexican Trolls Anti-Immigration Rally
mgs pw paz!
Miami Connection: In theaters this November!
Michael Bay walks off CES stage after teleprompter freezes up
Michael Jackson's Art Collection
Michael Jackson: Slave to the Rythm
Michael Keaton as Batman 'You wanna get nuts?!'
Michael P. Vigilante III McDonald,s Gospelfest Audition Jan 30th, 2015
Michael Williams Deportation Bus
Mickey Mouse vs. Kid: Dance Battle
Middle Class Kid Experiences Life's First Real Dose of Pain
Midget Mexican Wrestler In Funny Costume Gets Brutal Dropkick
Mil Mascaras Drop Kick Cactus Jack To The Floor
Milo Yiannopoulos Picks a Fight With Twitter Exec
Mind-boggling breakdancer
Minibike jump goes awry
mission 3
Mission Impossible: Squirrel edition
Mitt Romney debates himself
Mixed belly boxing KO
Miyoko Shida - Rigolo
MMA guy forgets he's not in a movie and pulls off a flying scissors leg lock
MMA Reporter Chokes During Interview
Model Airplane - Indoor Acrobatics Contest
Modern Warrior Arts Show (1/3)
Molten Iron Throwing
Monkey appears, spins, and then screams
Monster trucks go to war
Moon Lee vs. Yukari Oshima in 'Fighting Madam'
Moon Lee vs. Yukari Oshima in 'The Big Deal'
MoonBase Alpha Voice Commands
Moooooooon UFOS
More fun with Sulfur Hexafluoride
More fun with the flaming nutshot people.
More Scenes from 'The Innocence of Muslims'
More Wrestlicious!
Morganna the Kissing Bandit
Mortal Kombat 1 - Behind the Scenes #6 - Liu Kang
Mortal Kombat II with all the cheats turned on at the same time.
Mortal Kombat Theme Acapella
Mortal Kombat VS Street Fighter Flash Mob
Mortal Kombat: Federation of Martial Arts compilation
Morton Downey Jr vs Stripper for God
Most amazing Wheel of Fortune clip
Most savage motorbike and roundabout smash ever
Mother of the year lie detector tests her 14 year old daughter live on radio
MotoGP Crash Compilation
Motorcycle attempts to escape its rider
Motorcycle jump goes wrong at Shrine Circus
Motorcycle wheelie mishap
Mountain Bike Jump Crash
Mountain Dew: Anime Martial Arts Ad
Mountain goat walks across near vertical cliff-face.
Mouth of the South Jimmy Hart presents Wrestlicious!
Movin on Up.
Mowing My Lawn with a LASER!!!
Mozart's First Symphony
Mr. Vampire III
MTV True Life: I'm a Backyard Wrestler
MTV's Made - Jordan the ladies man
Much Better Contact Juggling
Much longer CBS report about New Zealand driving dogs
Muscle Master Kevin on the Death of Your Independence
Muscle Motion Chippendales Exercise Video
Muslim Brotherhood Protesters Pose For The Cameras
Must See Virginity Restored
My Fingers
My Lucky Stars (1985) - Sibelle Hu vs. Michiko Nishiwaki
My pet zebra finch bothering me at work
Mystery Metal Monolith Found By a Flight Crew In The Utah Wilderness
Māori party co-leader tells parliament to screw off
Nakamura Hits Free Kick Into A Moving Bus
Naked white guy evades police in Japan
NASA's Secret Plan to Create a Second Sun in Our Solar System
NASA: Cassini's First Fantastic Dive Past Saturn
Nathaniel Hornblower stage-crashes the MTV MVA
Ned calls Redneck Shop, asks about KKK Recruitment Center
Negativland - I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For (1991 a cappella mix)
Neil Cicierega - Don't
Neil Patrick Harris 'BIGGER'
Neodymium Magnets Destroy Things Through Crushing
Nerds need Jesus
New hobby ends quickly
Newly elected senator Scott Brown introduces his daughters
NHL coach has a broken earpiece
Nice Dreams
Nick & Joe's Full House Marathon
Nick 'Spike' Bravo talks to Stefan Molyneux about his mommy issues
Nick Bravo: Black Women Are The Problem
Nickelodeon 2009 Relaunch Slime Promo
Nigel Farage post-Brexit EU Parliament Speech
Nine year old youth wrestler
Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Marketing Campeign
Ninja Power Force: 7/11 Sneak Attack.
Ninja Sentai Kakuranger - Ninja Skyscraper Kids
Ninja Squad - Final showdown
Ninja Terminator - Office Guy makes a grave mistake
Ninja Warrior Stage 2
Ninja Warrior Stage 3
Ninja: The Final Duel - Black Monk vs. Evil Boss Guy.
Ninja: The Final Duel - Final Battle
Ninja: The Final Duel - Shaolin vs. Hare Krishna (?!)
No one can defeat the bronze men
No Retreat, No Surrender - pt. 1
Nofap - 6 months no masturbation benefits
North Korea Observes Three Minute of Silence
North Korea Rock and Roll Hour of Power!
Norwegian Violence in 1990
NOT The Cosby Show XXX
Nunchuck Jousting
NY cops wilding out on Labor Day, 2011
Nyanko The Movie 2 (2007) - Nana is a spiking machine!
O. J. Simpson - Get Juiced (2006 Juiced OST)
Obama throws black students under the bus
Obama: 'Shame on you' to White House heckler
Ocean Gravity
Ocelot's gun spinning in real life
Ocho Inoshika is interrupted during a bath
Octopus Escape!
Oddjob shills for Vicks Formula 44
Og de Souza, the man that skates with his hands
Ohio woman ordered to wear 'Idiot' sign
Ohio Woman Wears Idiot Sign
Oily ollies
Ok, fine, CROW attacks RC airplane.
Oklahoma College Student Gunned Down By 3 Teens Out Of 'Boredom'
Old Man Phone Harassment
Old Man Superman vs. Superman Clone
Old Spice commercial aimed specifically at people from 4chan
Oldboy Fight Scene
OMG Marvel made Thor a scary black guy!
Onboard a water rocket
One Man, One Dream, One Chance
Ong-Bak 2 Trailer
Onionhead in Space - Chapter 1
Open-block tank engine run
Opening of 'Hulk Hogan's Pastamania' in Mall Of America
Opening of a DDT wrestling show.
Operation Wandering Soul
Oregon Militia guy is not pleased with unpatriotic care packages
Orgasmic Childbirth
Orig.RCHeliJet Ferngesteuert Gigantic A-380 Singapore Airlines Peter Michel Hausen a.A 2013
Orthodox Jews Harass Israeilis Working on the Sabbath
Otto's Pineapple
Outer Space www LivingInSpace org APlaceInSpaceToPlay Spaceship
Outstanding Semi Truck Lawyer TV Commercial & Attorney Advertising
Overtaking in Russia
Ozzy Osbourne at Madame Tussauds wax museum
Pai Mei scene from Battle of the Masters
Paignton Ice Skating for Cars
Pan-kun vs. beetles
Panda Express
Panhandler Party
paper airplane trick
parasledding, amazing new 'sport'
Parking Garage Trombone
Parkour fail
Passenger with 'no idea how to fly' lands plane successfully
Patrick McGoohan as King Edward I
Patriotic Pittsburgh Woman Proposes New Tax Policy
Paul Rudd and Jason Segel show up to an interview stoned.
Paula Deen's most atrocious concoction
Pay the ferryman
Pee Wee Herman On WWE
Pee Wee the Flying Chihuahua
Penn and Teller BS: Petition to Ban Dihydrogen Monoxide
Pennsylvania GOP state senators refuse to seat Democrat election winner
People are AWESOME!
People cheer as woman's Rosa Parks poster is torn up.
People in Dubai don't understand speedbumps
Perhaps The Best Car-Smash Video Ever
Phil Mickelson trick shot
Pikey Fight!
Pilobolus Dance Troupe at 2007 Oscars
Pilobolus on Conan
Pit Fighter speed run (Genesis Version)
Plan B: Questionable Rodney Mullen
Plane almost lands on sunbather on beach- Fails landing.
Plane crash compilation
Plasma Ball Overload
Plasma Radio
Playing with Lava - Dumb and Dangerous?
PM is in trouble (part 2).....oooo my God the boy will die oooooo
PoeTV exclusive stream: the legendary Showgirls SFW 'digital bra' TV edit, tonight at 9:00 EST
poeTV Learns Safety - Chuck Austin gets paralyzed in WWF ring
poeTV Monday Movie: THE REVENGER (1989, clip) - Oliver Reed
PoeTV Watches People Make Stuff: 15 Minute Bullwhip
Police chase on local TV
Police Story - Shanty town car chase
Police Story II - Playground fight
pooltime fun in Hungary
Poor mothering skills, but she should be nominated for sainthood nonetheless
Popping the Question With Super Mario World
Porn playing over the intercom at Target in Campbell California
Porn star Stoya reads from necrophilia novel
Portal speed run
Positive Russian Dash Cam Videos
Pot smoking survivalist dads in knife throwing practice.
Power Electronics Blooper
Power/Rangers [SFW cut]
Prairie Oyster Amazing Vomit
Prank on a Belgian call center (with captions in English)
Prank Time With Humacorn
Pranking My Mom With Miss Cleo
President Obama Interrupted By Conservative Reporter during immigration speech in the Rose Garden
Prince Introduces his Band and Goofs Around
Prince of Persia Warrior Within stage show
Prison Break - Beagle Edition
Pro Golfer Clears the Fairway of an Unexpected Hazard
Pro Skater and Tourette, William Spencer
Pro Wrestling Guerrilla - Too Many Lioncocks
Pro-wrestling gone wrong?
Professional Wrestling in a Golden Corral Parking Lot
Project: Kill (1976) - with kung fu Leslie Nielsen
Promo for "Warriors 4 Christ Wrestling"
Promo for the SOM hands free Masturbation device.
Proof of 9/11 inside job using snow towers
Protester throws tomatoes at Trump, misses, is arrested
Protesters block road outside Donald Trump Arizona event
Protesting Westboro Baptist Church Members
Psycho Chris from Broken Skull Challenge
Public Access Gone Insanely Right
Public access TV host bombarded with prank calls
Puck from Real World on Howard Stern Radio Show (2000)
Pug Puppy Wants Back On The Motorcycle
Puke fight 1
Pull up your pants fa**ot
Punch Drumming(TM) to the song by Gloria Estefan 'The Rhythm is Gonna Get You'
Pupinia Stewart - Stop hating on Onision
Puppy Cant Get Up
Puss Smack (part 2)
Put 'em on the glass
Puttin Em In A Coffin Pt 2
Pyongyang GoPro Bike Tour
Pyro System 2.2
Pyro trombone
quantum superconductors locked in a magnetic field
QuartuvLarry is offically a Tea-bagger
Queen Rania of Jordan spoofs David Letterman (really)
Quickest Game Overs ever?
Quickest Game Overs ever? Part 2
R. Kelly - Pregnant
Rachel Maddow - Teabagging the White House
Rachel Maddow Deconstructs ACORN Sting Tape
Racist McDonald's Commercial
Radio controlled flying superhero
Raiders of the Lost Ark - Truck chase scene
Rally car on a skiing course
Rally Car Rallies into River
Ramones first album all songs played at the same time
Rampage is a dick.
Randy Colpek KIRKLAND Light Commercial Outtakes
Randy Kills Winnie the Pooh
Rappin' Across Town
Rare 1904 Recording of Le Ptomane, legendary Flatulist
Ravenous horde of kittens descends upon a helpless string
Raw Chorizo Challenge
Ray Stevens - Obamanation
RC Plane Under Fire
Re: Message for Flamers
Real GNOMES / Duende / GOBLINS caught on film
Real Life 'A Goofy Movie' Opening
Real Life Super Mario Brothers
Real People-Goldie Glitters
REAL Telekinesis Training, How to do telekenisis, Eagle Warrior Training
RealCatholicTV: The 'Bullying' Scam
Recital Meltdown
Red Lantern latex cosplay
Redneck Elevator
Redneck Tased off His Lawn Mower
Reeking Havoc Trailer
Regarding Twilight Sparkle
Regis shows up to Letterman as Shrek
Remember (on Nov V, 2009)
Rep. Darrell Issa memorializes Tim Russert on the House floor
Rep. Joe Crowley Farewell Tour
Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC) shouts 'You lie!' at Barack Obama
Rep. Joe Wilson would like to personally and sincerely apologize to you all.
Reporter Covered In Sea Foam
Republicans Protest Democrat's Great Escape on Energy
Retarded wrestling fan bodyslams mom on couch
RETURN THE FAVOR - Yung Humma ft. Flynt Flossy
Return to Acid
Rhona Mitra Ramps A Bentley Through An Exploding Bus
Richard Hoagland on Mars
Richard Jeni Suicide Video
Ride of the Firemares (on many guitars)
Ridiculous chase scene from Indian movie
Ridiculous Interaction at 7/11
Ridley High School's Real American Bad Ass
Riker sits down
Robocop - Bobby
Robot Chicken- GI Joe Extreme
Robot does quadruple backflip
Rocket-Powered Helicopter
Rockula (1/9)
Rodney Mullen on That's Incredible
Rodney Mullen practicing
Roller Blade Crotch Slam
Roller Boogie opening credits
Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 - Very Intense Water Slide
Rolling Raccoon
Romanian shepherds beating up a belgian biker
Roof jump ends poorly
Roof Jumper Misses
Roomba Driver
Roots of Breakdance
Rottweiler and infant
Rough Seas Destroy Cruise Ship Dining Room
Rough Terrain Unicycling
Row Row Row your bike
Rowdy Roddy Piper for Black Power
Roy Orbison In Clingfilm: The Movie
RUF Yellowbird Nurburgring Lap
Rumble in the Bronx - Entire movie
Rumble in the Bronx - Market Fight Scene
Running into a Giant Dust Devil
Running K Driller
Rush Limbaugh calls out Michelle Obama's Terrible Hypocracy.
Russia Has a New Flag
Russian AA-12 Fully Automatic Shotgun!!!
Russian Basketball Team Makes a Power Play
Russian Butt Slapping Contest
Russian cat reacts to can of olives
Russian dash cam video of drug-addled man jumping & riding on hood of car.
Russian Fred Astaire
Russian Ice Swimming
Russian Sokol guy does something cooler than you ever will
Russian Truck Driver in Head-on Collision, Lands on his Feet and Walks Away
Rust - The Perfect Raid
Ryan Drago, Gentleman Bruiser
SAAB Car Stunt Testdrive Commercial
Sad Songs at Christmas
Safest Driver Ever
Sailor Moon: The Movie
Salt Review - Brian Firenzi Reviews Movies
Salvia freakout
Samir, you're breaking the car!
Samurai Sword Close Call
San Antonio Texas high school football players target ref because of a bad call.
Santorum in the Wrestling Ring
Sarah Palin is an ugly whore
Sarah Palin will be on the new Sacha Baron Cohen show
Savage beating in a courthouse
Sawdust Cannon
SBU (Self-Balancing Unicycle)
Scam Foiled By Dash Cam
Scarlett takes a tumble
Scott Pilgrim: Ramona vs. Roxy
Scrapper | 2013
Screaming Bo staff kata
Screaming Lord Sutch: A Documentary (original, uncut version)
ScrewAttack did a contest to impersonate your favorite pokemon for a free game
Scuba Soldier comes home early and surprises his family.
Seagal Whooping Some Ass
Sean Hannity: The New York Times is trying to distract you
Search for Tomorrow live episode with control room dialogue (1983)
Sebastien Loeb almost hits a cop in Monte Carlo Rally
See to Believe: Rice Brothers
Semi-Auto 9 inch Nail Launcher
Senator throws money at angry constituents
Senior Citizen Veteran Fights Protester at Louisville Trump Rally
Separating Egg Yolks from Egg Whites the Modern Way.
Serious Study on Man Wearing a Hitler Moustache
Sex House Episode 4: Erin Bares It All
Sex Lubed Glock
Sexy Xenergy Advert - Probably NSFW
SFW Fetish - Allowing women on steroids to crush your head between their legs.
Sha Na Na - 'At The Hop' (1969)
Sha Na Na - 'Blue Moon' (1972, live)
Shaggy 2 Dope attempts to dropkick Fred Durst off the stage during Limp Bizkit show, 10/6/2018
Shandong Province Week: Risley Shandong Acrobats
Shaolin Fox Conspiracy
Shaq-fu commercial
Shark on shark violence in Seoul aquarium
Shatner On His Star Trek Signature Drop Kick
Shawshank Redemption- Improved
Shaye St. John's Patriotic Eggs and Christmas Present Suit
Sherman's March (1986) - Creeping Psychosexual Despair
Shia LaBeouf's cop car rant
Shinya Arino Can't Leave You Alone
Shirtless Canadian car jump
Shoenice22 Will Eat Anything for Fame
Shooby Taylor: 'Im Getting Good At Missing You'
Shooting A Can Off Your Friends Head With Paintball Gun
SHOW ME YOUR TITS - F*ck You Edition
Shriners driving little cars in a parade
Sister Maria sings "Chocolate rain"
Sit. Up. Fix Your hair. Down. Sneeze. Roll over.
Skateboard beatdown from the movie Kids
Skateboarder has terribly painful landing
skateboarding cat
Ski Dance
Sky Star Search - Juliet
Skydiver Hits a Bee
Skydiver hits bridge at 120mph
Skyrim Mod: MLP:FIM
Slapshot goes awry
Sliders - Professor Arturo's Death
Slime Montage 8
Slingshot Channel - Jrg's Nerf gun that fires scalpel blades
Slipping Highlights
slug on a hamster wheel
Smack Fest
Smart Car Monster Truck
Smashing Televisions
Smokey and the Bandit: Motorcycle cop/Georgia State Patrol chase.
Snow tube run
Snowboard jump off a chair-lift
So it turns out that dolphins and nature can blow smoke rings
So long Michael Jackson...
Social media compilation of ISIS fails
Socker Boppers
Some 80s girls getting slimed
Some of soccer's best faked injuries.
Someone stuck a GoPro in their dishwasher
Something delightful happens at the Walmart
Something else goes wrong in The Sims 3
Something happens to a crab
SomethingAwful GET OUT Montage
South Korean Martial Arts Actress throws first pitch in a baseball game
Southwest Pilot Rants About 'Grannies' and 'Fags' on Air Traffic Channel
Soy Bomb
Space Boomerang
Spatuletail Hummingbird mating ritual
Speeder Bike Jetovator Battle
Spider-Man and Batman beat up a big punk rocker
Spider-Man Defeats His Foes With Ventriloquism.
Spider-man: Turn off the Dark - Green Goblin Fight Sequence
Spiderbabe - Trailer (SFW)
Spiderman wannabe stops a thief
Spike Jones - Hotcha Cornia live @ US Naval Hospital, Corona, CA 1944
SpikeBravo Needs Your Donations This Christmas
Spitfire Low Pass
Splinter Cell Chaos Theory: 'Killed by a ninja! Cool!'
Springfield's Most Wanted: Who Shot Mr. Burns
Squirrel Catapult
Stage footage of Shaggy 2 Dope kicking Fred Durst
Stan Lee officiates Spider-man's wedding
Star Ocean 3 - 'Sad' piano solo
Star Trek - Kirk vs. Spock fight scene from "Amok Time."
Star Trek TNG: Klingon, who is you fooling with?
Star Trek: Captain Kirk's Modified Native American Groundfighting.
Steamed Hams But Synced With Dark Side of the Moon
Step Brothers, Bunk beds
Step by Step - Bar Fight Scene
Stephen Colbert compares Trump to a NAZI in controversial TV sketch
Stephen Hawking - Hard in da Paint
Steve Buscemi gets stomped on Miami Vice
Steve James kills ninjas for 11 minutes
Steve Sutton battles a dragon.
Steve's Drunk and High DUI at Work (Arrested on Scissor Lift)
Steve's lawnmower DUI
Steven Seagal 'blood bank' scene remake
Steven Seagal on the Merv Griffin show
Steven Seagal Takes Credit For Anderson Silva's KO of Belfort
Stevie Starr - The Regurgitator
STF - How to do the STF submission - Wrestle like John Cena
Stock Subaru shames everyone at test hill
Stop flagging my videos!!
Strange Aircraft Takeoff by Captain Beardo
stranger hero
Stranger Hero Episode 1: The Bell Ringer
Stranger Hero Episodes 2 & 3 Trailer
Street rap battle!
STRIKE OF THE PANTHER - Brothel fight scene
Stunt Dawgs!
Stunt Rock
Stunt Rock Trailer
Stuntman in a wheelchair on fire
Stupid man and a rattlesnake
Stupid rave becomes small riot on Hollywood Blvd
Stylophone Ensemble - Albinoni's Adaigo
Subservient Pup
Sugar Glider jumping
suicide drift
Sukeban Deka - A fight scene
Super Bowl Ad: Degree: Stunt City - extended version
Super Dave Osborne - Compilation
Super Dave Osborne's rollercoaster stunt
Super Dave vs. Mr. T on Bizarre
Super Dave's Fast Food Restaurant
Super Mario Bros. 1 Drag & Drop (FCEUX 2.1 + Lua)
Super Mario World 2 Yoshi's Island - The easy way to beat the Piranha Plant Boss.
Super Mario World Kaizo edition complete
Super Racing Mod for Euro Truck Simulator 2
Super-Sweet Cat Launch!
Supergran: Supergran and the Skimmer
Supertaster: Oreo Pizza
Supervan (1977) car chase
Supervan (1977) car chase
Surfing a tidal wave
surgery on a grape
Surprise in a Jurassic Park orchestral performance.
Surveillance Camera Man 6
Swamp Thing (1982) Theatrical Trailer
Swingset mishap
Syncronized Walking
T.R.U.T.H. Group: 'Bone Digger'
T.R.U.T.H. group: Are Catholics Christian?
Tabasco in the eye
Taiwanese Toilet-Themed Restaurant
Talking Classics E3 2010 pt 1
Talking Fast in Slow Motion
Tapwater Catches Fire After Gas Drillers Move In
Tarp surfing
Taste for Adventure; Fists of Fire (1975) - Shaw Brothers Documentary
Tattoo removal on a budget
Taurus Sign in Astrology | Zodiac Sun Sign in Action
Taxi driver gets a ride with Uber
Tea Partier Unedited
Teams of quadrotors autonomously build doozer structures.
Ted Cruz Faces Off Against Trump Supporters in Indiana
Ted Cruz's 'racist baby' rant
Teen on bath salts
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles NES 18:05 TAS
Tekken with Real People
Tektoonics guy takes on Non-Stamp Collector
Telephone Lady Gaga Cover by myself Nichole337
Teller's needle trick in China
Terrified baby's bed collapses during lullaby
Terrifying Austrian Bike Path
Terrifying Deleted Scene from ''Skinamarink'' (2022)
Terry O'Quinn Discusses Knife Throwing
Tesla coil as an amplifier
Tesla Coil Hat
Testing Driving Ability whilst Hella Blazed
Texas Police detonate 20,000 pounds of confiscated illegal fireworks
TF2 - Dr. Justice Fragvid
TFL Bill Gets A Girlfriend!
Thai Bruce Lee(la)
Thank You Blog For Karl II
That's Incredible! Reunion Special (1988, uncut with commercials)
The 'Announcerless Game' (1980)
The 'Best' of Pastor James David Manning
The 12 O'Clock Crew
The 1930s
The A-Team S01E04 Pros and Cons
The A-Team S01E05 A Small and Deadly War
The A-Team S01E06 Black Day at Bad Rock
The A-Team S01E07 The Rabbit Who Ate Las Vegas
The A-Team S01E08 The Out-of-Towners
The A-Team S01E09 Holiday in the Hills
The A-Team S01E10 West Coast Turnaround
The A-Team S01E11 One More Time
The A-Team S01E12 Till Death Do Us Part
The A-Team S01E13 The Beast From the Belly of the Boeing
The A-Team S01E14 A Nice Place to Visit
The Adventures of Pete & Pete Reunion Show
The Air Force Had A Better Mouse Trap!
The amazing flying kitty!
The Angelic Initiative, Episode 1028 - Children and Souls
The Aquabats Vs. The Rock-afire Explosion
The Bat Man: Let The Gods Do Their Worst
The Bears Are Learning How To Use Nunchucks
The best motorcycle trick
the biggest fat woman in the world 1300 Pounds
The Black Six - The Six Get Into Some Trouble.
The Blues Brothers
The Blues Brothers - Final Chase
The Blues Brothers - Mall Chase
The Booty That Broke the Internet
The Buffoon and The Dean of Admissions
The Cat Spin
The Chair Recognizes The Representative From Illinois' 115th District
The Chasers - Punishment Shirts
The Chuck Norris Slingshot (a.k.a. Shooting Yourself In The Foot)
The Citizen Kane of Barbie Jeep Racing videos.
The Collected History and Improvisations of the Mothers of Invention
The complete saga of Harmony Korine on Letterman
The Confessions of Bernhard Goetz
The Cool Baby
The Crippled Masters - final scene
The Crotch Claw
The danger and hardest punk rock in world
The definition of friendship and true love
The Devil At Your Heels
The Dictator - Trailer #2
The Dirt Bike Kid (1985) - Cop Escape
The Ed Sullivan Show - The Baranton Sisters
The End of Religious Freedom in America
The Entertainer played on 5 pianos and a pipe organ simultaneously
The Eric Andre Show - Arnold Schwarzenegger
The Eric Andre Show - Arnold Schwarzenegger II
The Eric Andre Show - Bird Up
The Eric Andre Show - Civil War Re-Enactment
The Eric Andre Show - David Alan Thicke Performance (S04E09)
The Eric Andre Show - Kraft Punk
The Eric Andre Show - Ranch It Up
The Eric Andre Show - Team Go!
The Fed-ex shooter was a Brony
The Fingerpoke of Doom
The Flaming Lips on Beverly Hills 90210
The Flintstone Kids: Just Say No! Special
The Force Unleashed 2 - Ewok punting
The Fordson Snow Devil, c. 1920s.
The Fugs perform an exorcism on the White House
The Galactic Federation Speaks to Illuminati
The Ghostrider
The Girls of Guanabara
The Goddess Workout - Cardio Burlesque 'Shimmies'
The Goddess Workout - Cardio Burlesque 'Too Hot'
The Great Race - Pie Fight
The Great Togo vs Zack Malkov
The Grim Reaper Drinks Tau Bu Wicked Punch Because It Matches His Shirt
The Guy From Harlem - hotel fight
The Guy Under the Seats
The Heroic Trio - English Trailer
The Hollywood Stuntmen's Hall of Fame: Dave Sharpe
The House That Jack Built | Trailer
The Howard Stern Show: Morton Downey Jr. attacks Stuttering John
The Japanese Undertaker
The joys of using the left shoulder for a little on-ramp passing
The Killing Zone: Garrett's Rage
The Kitchen Debate
The KLF vs Extreme Noise Terror - 3 a.m. Eternal
The Last Mr. Bigg performs at a high school graduation party in Citronelle.
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Can-Can remix.
The Leidenfrost effect
The Litter Kwitter
The lovely home of MI Speaker of the House, Jase Bolger.
The Mark of Zorro - Basil and Tyrone have it out
The Mars Underground
The Master (2012) - Trailer
The masturbating gunman
The Matrix - Dojo Fight
The McGurk effect
The Midwest
The most amazing golf shot you will ever see.
The Mothers Of Invention - Freak Out! (1966, mono vinyl mix)
The Muppets: Crven Der Pmpkn
The new StrawBerry LemonAid XXX Loko
The News Hasn't Happened Yet: #3 UP
The news with Russel Eddington
The Ninja Connection - Ending
The OJ Simpson's - Warzone
The Paranormal Music Society's tribute to Hendrix
The Peanut Pool
The Pixies - Where Is My Mind (Animal Cover)
The Plasmatics Live Pier 62
The ride is broken, We're going to give you a refund.
The Robot Fighting League
The Rock Cats Perform!
The Rubber Hand Illusion
The Running Man - Buzzsaw
The Satanic Temple's Protest for First Amendment Rights
The Search For Weng Weng - International Festival Trailer
The Sharpest Bowler
The Simpsons - Milhouse plays Frisbee for ten minutes
The Singhsons intro
The Sotomayor-Ayers connection
The stalk-eyed fly
The Star-Spangled Bologna
The Tea Parties - Obama's a Fascist Pirate
The Tom Green Show Monica Lewinsky Special
The Tonight Show: Andy'll Try It: Tofurkey & Gravy Soda
The top ten moves of Danshoku Dino.
The Turkish Barber
The ultimate lucha libre finishing move.
The Ultimate Trick
The Vape Master
The world biggest swing (Queenstown, New Zealand)
The World Famous Puppet Circus
The World of the Bouncer
The World Sauna Endurance Championship
The world's longest basketball shot.
The world's longest slide
The Worlds Most Dedicated Traffic Cop
Theme from The Simpsons
There's ANOTHER New Cannonball Record*
Things This Guy Hates
Thirty people doing back flips on skis while holding hands.
This Girl Scout wants you to boycott Girl Scout cookies
This Norwegian Forest Cat Shows Off Her Tricks!
THOMAS PYNCHON National Book Award 1973
Thousand-Hand Bodhisattva
Thrasher Magazine's Bust or Bail Skate Competition
Thrasher Magazine's Worst/Best Skateboard Falls of 2011
Thrashin' Classic Scene: Here come the Daggers!
Three Olympic fencers face fifty amatuer opponents.
Tiger Ali Singh mocks American decadence
Tiger at the ballet.
Tila Tequila - Why would you do this to me?
Tim Pawlenty & Michelle Bachmann tea party failroll.
Time Lapses Of Magnetic Putty
Time Traveler From 2026 (EXCLUSIVE!)
Time Trax Intro
Timmins The City With a Heart of Holes
TNA - Orlando Jordan, Wrestling's First (Legit) Bisexual Wrestler
To Troll A Predator
todd friel interviews christopher hitchens
Tom MacDonald- 'Snowflakes' Ft: Blaire White
Tom Waits Press Conference
tomekkobialka has taken up composition
Tommy Cooper mixes a martini.
Tommy Has A Problem With Lisa
Tongans Respond to All Blacks' Haka
Tongue of the Fatman + 2 Sandwiches
Top Gear - British Leyland Challenge
Top Gear - DIY Limousines
Top Gear - Ken Block takes James May for a spin
Top Gear - Old Italian Sports Car Challenge
Top Gear - 1000 Police Car Challenge
Top Gear In America
Top Gear: Building a Convertible Minivan
Tosin Abasi shows off his custom 8-string guitar
Traffic in India
Traffic Report Made with Time to Spare
Trailer for Chocolate
Trailer for exploitation film 'Sweet Sugar'
Train hits police car with person inside
Train surfing in Amsterdam
Train Swipes Parked Vehicle
trample from move 004
Trampoline Nut Crack
Trampoline Slam Dunk
Transformers 2: Exclusive Clip.
Tree-climbing roboslinky!
treehouse bicycle elevator
Trent Reznor and Shinya Tsukamoto collaborate on a commercial for MTV Japan
Triumph attends the Trump inauguration
Trolling 101: Jesus, George Washington, and Youtube.
Trolling Dr. Oz: John Fetterman Enlists Snooki To Mock His Opponent
Trolls prank calling 'Jesus Chatline' for the better part of an hour.
Truck Scene from Gleaming the Cube
Trump Baby blimp prepares for takeoff: 'fragile, like the president's ego'
Trump says there will be riots if he is denied Republican presidential nomination
Trump sword dance
Trump’s Wall
Tucker Carlson Interviews a Compulsive Liar
Turfing Dance Battle
Twitch streamer gets an unfortunate donation
Two Guys Being Fools In A Jackpot Food Mart (1989)
Two overweight men in superhero costumes frolic and wrestle.
two skaters get murked by car
Two Worst Martial Arts Techniques Ever.
Tyler the Creator does BMX tricks on a Zebra
Tyra Banks Tests The Integrity Of Her Guest's Boobs
Tyrone Snags An Egg In Slow Motion
U Smile by Justin Bieber (800% Slower)
UConn 89th Win Christopher from Las Vegas Halftime Show
Ukraine vs Russia: The Final Battle
Ukrainian parliament super-brawl!
Ukrainian So You Think You Can (Pole)Dance
Ulitimate Staring Contest
Ultima IX - The Death of Lord British
Umihara Kawase Speedrun
Unbeatable Banzuke- neko de drive
Unbeatable Banzuke- Super rider
Unfunny comedy becomes funny
Unicycle accident
Unicyclist skills
Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning - Sporting Goods Store Fight
unstaged, full contact, full armor jousting
unstoppable force against an immovable object
Using Hypnosis to Rob Someone
VanDamme shills for Volvo
Vanilla Ice - Ice Ice Baby Live Performance In UK Back In 1991
Vegan does a civil disobedience at a farm-to-table restaurant.
Venomfangx Forever
VentriloChoir on Hungarian TV
Vic and Bob- Free-runners
VICE Dark Side of the Ring: New Jack
Vice Speaker of Ukrainian parliament ninja-chokes an MP
Video Days - Jason Lee
Video Game Awards 2022 - 'Rabbi Bill Clinton' prankster sneaks onto stage
Video Game marketing done WRONG!
video game themed halftime show
Viral Video Star Says He Doesn’t Talk To Family Because ‘They’re Irrelevant’
Visual Terrorist Attacked
Viva Knievel! (1977) - Anti-Drug Speech
Vladivostok Bans Walking Across Bridge
Volley Fire Paintball
Volvo crash in snow
Waking up Canadian
Wakko Sings a Song or Something
Walrus plays the saxophone
Want to see a magic trick?
Waterskiing in South Carolina
Waving bear gets a treat
Way of the Gun - Final Shootout
WCCO-TV Moore on Sunday, The Making of a Wrestler, January 13, 1974
We decided to make a ramp van.
We Love Russia Part 6
Weasel vs Seagull
Weird creepy elbow crane
Welcome to Delta City, America!
Wendy Williams faints on live tv
West Hollywood City Council Votes to Remove Trump's Hollywood Walk of Fame Star
Westboro Baptist Church gets chased from a protest
Wetboys - Way of the Warriors
What do we need? ... MORE POWER!
What do you use when you want to cross the river?
What Dyson Does With All Those Unsold Bladeless Fans
What happens if you put the Apple II floppy of Karateka in upside down?
What would happen if you stuck your hand in the LHC beam?
Wheel of Fortune genius
When morons go 100 mph
When You Gotta Go
When you troll Xbox One
White Woman Changes Her Skin Black with Melanin Injections
Why an Entire Field of Psychology Is in Trouble
Why I don't like Western Women
Why the world isn't fair
Why this youtuber will never lose weight.
Why you don't put a knife in a toaster
Why you lying
Wide Receiver German suplexed
Wild C on Tila Tequila's Juggalo Attack
Will It Blend - GTA4
Will It Blend?: Silly Putty
William S. Burroughs paints
Win Compilation
Wingsuit Basejumping
Winning trick from the 2018 World Championship of Magic
Wok Racing auf Deutschland
Wolfire answer questions on their new game, Overgrowth
Woman Blocks Taser Shot With Baby
Woman claims she is pregnant, goes on Dr. Phil, isn't.
Woman Falls on Subway Track In Boston
Woman has unique style of shoplifting
Woman Haters
Woody Woodpecker Reanimated - The Bird Who Came to Dinner (Brazilian Collab)
World record belly flop
World record longest human tunnel traveled through by a dog skateboarder
World record Mario jump is a fake!
World's Bravest Magician
World's Fastest Clapper
world's fastest strike ,6 blows/second beating the ice box w
World's First Human-Powered Ornithopter Takes 19-Second Flight
World's heaviest woman drops pounds by marathon sex
World's Second Hardest Skateboard Trick
WRC Rally Crash Compilation 3
WTF is Riding That Tortoise??
WTF! Walmart Refuses to Make Confederate Flag, But Makes This Cake Instead
WWE Champion Randy Orton flips out on Mexican TV
WWE Stone Cold attacks Vince in hospital
WWE/F Commentary, Animated
WWF - The Gobbledygooker
WWF: I Quit Match - Mick Foley vs The Rock
Xavier: Renegade Angel: Take That / Taste The Pain
Xenosaga - Ziggurat 8's 'Exit Plan.'
XFL - the Scramble
Xiang Long Shiba Zhang
XIN (Urban Ninja) is BLACK DRAGON
XTREME Fish Tricks
Yahtzee Croshaw vs. 'Booby booby bum bum'
Yakkity Sax Car Chase
Yamada: The Samurai of Ayutthaya
Yana Novak Reading Zizek
YASKAWA BUSHIDO PROJECT / industrial robot vs sword master
Yatterman is Manly
Year's worth of make-up applied in one day
You know how birds dare other birds to fly in front if your car at the last second?
you lead shallow lives and your values are shit
You're A Wizard, Harry (Part 2) NSFW
Young Turks Flip Out On Alex Jones
Yves Jetman Rossy Performs New Aerial Stunt in Switzerland
Zapp Brannigan IS Donald Trump!
Zatoichi (2003) - Ninja scene
Zatoichi (2003) - Ronin vs rival yakuza gang
zerbert cat
Zhang Wuji vs. Mistress No-Mercy
Zhong Zhi Li choreography from Fatal Move
Zhou Botong Demonstrates 'Mutual Hands Combat'
Zonation Rant-- Presented by Pajamas Media
Zorb Football Rodeo - Bubble Soccer vs Bulls
ʔ Super Mario Bros
Kasou Taisho (Costume Grand Prix) winner

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