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Desc:Nazi AMV! bashful nazi salute! Hitler fan art!
Category:Horror, Fashion
Tags:Nazis, skinhead, lonelygirl88, slavonic union, nazis love slavs
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Comment count is 17
What is more awful than anime? Hitler. What is more awful than Hitler. Anime Hitler. Anime Hitler may be the worst thing of all time.

Wonko the Sane
The zooming in this video is worse than Anime Hitler

Grace Mugabe
go directly to jail

Doctor Arcane
Wow, way to go all 21st century with the swastika. Did Nazis pay a rebranding company to update their image? "We need more Russian chicks, and do something with that Swastika. That shit is so 20th century"

Princess v2.1
Just how fucking stupid are these Russian "Neo-Nazi's", who somehow think their Slavic, Mongolian, Jewish asses somehow fall under the banner of "white people", according to Nazism.
about as stupid as the transnistrian right wing youth movement that has che guevara on their flags.

wtf japan
White American Science (TM) has already proven that Russians have the bodies of normal white people, but the brains and moral integrity of shifty- and slitty-eyed orientals. That they have no souls goes without saying.

Is she Pro-Hitler because Stalin killed more Russians?

Does not compute...

This makes a lot of sense.
wtf japan
Were I to be apprehended by the Nazis during their peak, I would rather be a Jew than a Russian. This is fucking retarded.
Frank Rizzo
I love her. I've met my dream girl!!!
And thus another young doofus ambles down the wrong dark internet alley, and their entire life is ruined.
Not only is she a slav, she's Russian who according to the Nazis were at heart actually either "Asiatic" at best or Jewish at worst. That makes her love of Hitler that much more hilarious.
Love's for Nazis! Nazi love! Crazy love!
i get this

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