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Desc:Toto are both the least photogenic and most comically INTENSE musicians in music video history.
Category:Music Videos, Alternative Progressive Indie Art
Tags:Africa, toto, nonsensical video, incredible whiteness, haha holy shit look at the drummer
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Comment count is 27
FeeFiFoFoTheFifeFifeBrown - 2007-07-04
I mean, don't get me wrong: I had a pretty good appreciation for how painfully white Toto was. Or so I thought...

But wow.

manfred - 2007-07-04
Rock music! For adults!
afp3683 - 2007-07-04
wait, is this song actually about a guy who has has jungle fever?
revdrew - 2007-07-04
Even the black people are white in this.

Also, no "spear chucker" tag?
Caminante Nocturno - 2007-07-04
Any time karaoke happens, this is the first song I sing.
kingarthur - 2007-07-04
A band full of early Microsoft employees plus a black guy. Also, the secretary's pretty hot. Also also, the hell is the story to this video? And I love this song. There. I said it.
twinkieafternoon - 2010-07-05
There is nothing wrong with liking this song.

hornung - 2007-07-04
Jeff Porcaro died for your sins.

Senator_Unger - 2007-07-04
I always remember to bless the rains down in Africa. I also love the part where the lamp gets knocked over and they zoom in on the guy and he's just standing there with a dumb look on his face.
kiint - 2007-07-04
baleen - 2007-07-04

I dated a black girl for a while. I started singing this song to her once and she literally started choking me.

God I love this song.
Babies Ate My Dingo - 2007-07-04
I'm trying to decide whether or not this is more painful than hearing Celine Dion butcher AC/DC. I like this song, but the video makes me weep. It's like watching the local university's gaming club/mathies render one more thing unenjoyable.

Also, porno 'stache.
Shion - 2007-07-04
Look at the drummer? Look at the keyboardist. The guys on the high school academic team were hipper.

I like this song though.
C. Eloi Marx - 2007-07-04
This song was #1 on the Billboard charts in '83, the week before the #1 song was "Down Under" by Men at Work, and two weeks later Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean" was at the top of the charts.

Apparently I can throw away my rose coloured glasses regarding music of the early 80's, because it really was that good.
Herr Matthias - 2007-07-04
Are they playing on a gigantic stack of books?
happy_ending - 2007-07-07
Duh. They're in a library, ON FIRE.

dueserpenti - 2007-07-05
This is the song to sing when you're trying to win a Whiteness Contest.
Billy the Poet - 2007-07-05
Hi! Welcome to Toto. Here's your moustache. Now we have to do something about that hair.
Jimmy Labatt - 2007-07-08
Fuck yes!

GTA: Vice City would not be the same game without this song
NoCode - 2007-07-21
I love this song, and this video only made me LOVE IT EVEN MORE.

Best part: Pulling a book from the shelf; random jewfro guy singing at you from the next stack.
wormy_the_hole - 2007-08-11
This video is the Epilogue to "Things Fall Apart".
Hooper_X - 2008-02-27
God, I wish we could give out bulbs at POETV.

1394 - 2008-09-28
A great music video, or the greatest music video?
Whitaker - 2008-09-30
"The facial hair! The facial hair!" cried Kurtz.
zatojones - 2009-07-29
this song echoes around in the sparse memories I retain from being 6
Wombles - 2010-09-07
I really enjoy the song more after seeing this. Had no idea it even existed.
Isn't this more 73Q though?
Tom Collins - 2011-02-25
I was just gonna submit the exact same clip.

Big up to Merzbau -- dude has music taste.
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