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Desc:Southern Ontario life
Tags:alcohol, ray, custom go-kart, ok buddy, confidence antler
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Comment count is 15
HeWhoWalksWithTigers - 2011-03-25
Wow...Trailer Park Boys is real.
glasseye - 2011-03-25
He's like half the characters of that show rolled up into one.

Triggerbaby - 2011-03-25
Ramp Van and Trailer Park Boys had a baby.
charmlessman - 2011-03-25
Ray's going to die of old age at 145.
Before then he's going to punch out a buffalo, swan dive off the Golden Gate Bridge, rape a tiger, eat an entire bolder and be king of Botswana for 5 glorious years.
Oktay - 2011-03-25
I keep thinking "it's not a good idea to keep egging on that poor old senile fella, at his age he can easily die doing things like that." Then 7:44 rolls around. To Alcohol, eh? The cause of, and the yadda yadda yadda.
jangbones - 2011-03-25
And here I always pictured Canadiens fans as effete, merlot-sipping Francophones. This guy screams Leafs fan all the way...
Hay Belly - 2011-03-25
SCTV, KiTH, Norm MacDonald, Will Sasso???

HeWhoWalksWithTigers - 2011-03-25
Hey, if you were a Leafs fan, you'd drink like that too.

Koda Maja - 2011-03-25
That's a lot of snow for California.
split tail - 2011-03-25
I never had this much fun watching evel knievel.

Also, redneck armchair!
Scynne - 2011-03-26
I like this guy.
Killer Joe - 2011-03-26
I like his crash helmet.
spiteful crow - 2011-03-26
My new life's goal is to be at least 1/14 this cool when I'm 80.
Kumquatxop - 2011-03-29
this video begins with the phrase 'confidence antler,' and from there somehow gets BETTER
andybrownie - 2011-03-31
I'm canadian and we do this sort of thing all he time
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