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Furry Rape House Scene from 'Fake ID'
After 1500 Clicks - My Supergirl Costume Will Be Ripped
Gay androgynous child sings "Over the Rainbow"
Champagne stump
Stump with love handles
Amputee day at the pool
Back up, Britney haters!
Does Snuff Exist?
Big Belly Man
Dolphin Massacre in Japan
PSA: Syringe
Foetus in Fetu
'My surgery': one guy's date with OH DEARGODWHATISTHAT
Idiots try to help their friend with a cyst
Sebaceous Cyst Exploding
War of the Sabbat (trailer)
The Shining - Dick Hallorann's Death
A Nightmare on Elm Street - Tina's death
Fat Man shows off his underwear
Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 - Bridge Death Scene
Jason X - Adrienne's death
House by the Cemetary Trailer
"Touch of Death" Death Scene
Final Scene from "Don't Torture a Duckling"
Norithy's Big Spider Bite
130 Cats in a Moscow One Bedroom Apartment
Carrie The Musical - The Finale
I am the fat girl.
Africa Addio (Africa, Blood and Guts)
Anigao Girl Karaoke
Anigao girl / teddy bear shoot out
Shaye St. John: Washroom 2
My Plushie Dogs
Taxidermia - Self-taxidermied suicide scene.
Python Eats Bird Alive
Austin Wolfclaw Begs For Money
The Further Humiliation of Robert Paulsen
Man Takes Off a Female Mask
Casey Serin Facing Foreclosure at a College Real Estate Class
Nothing You Can Do
Fat Man Stores Hot Pockets Under His Breasts
Nightmare on Elm Street 3: "Welcome to Prime Time"
Fat Man's Stomach Eats
Bauhaus: "Bela Lugosi's Dead" (1979)
Alvin and the Chipmunks trailer
Rock-a-Fire Explosion animator explains his philosophy
Chuck E Cheese bots modded to play hiphop
Win a Date with Michael
Japanese love dolls
Anigao Girl goes bowling.
Famicon - MyZAZA
Two Year Old on X?
Richard Dawkins speaks with a former Jew who is now an extremist Muslim
Kickin' It Old School - clip
The Fly (1986) deleted Monkey Cat scene
Nothing But Trouble - Digital Underground - Same Song
Lord Rex Fear gets an iPhone
Stairway to Stardom - Puppets
"Ghost Ship" opening sequence
Bubsy Cartoon Part 2
Psycho -Shower scene
A Day in the Life of Bruce Campbell
Dog St. by Famicon
Snake Eats Girl
I'm Gone by silicious
The Suckling baby invasion
Black Sheep Trailer
1-5 Dad is Having an Affair
VPN - Zombie Family ep 1 (Dining)
If Footmen Tire You, What Will The Horses Do? - Patricide
Furries and their Escalade
Dawn of the Dead - Opening Sequence
Creepshow - "Father's Day"
Creepshow - "Father's Day"
Inspirational Gaining Video
Charles James: Traci Lords and the Sexual Deluge of Hollywood
Charles James: Porn, Pimps and Timed Orgasms
Vitas - The Speaking Doll
Weird Japanese Robot
"The Rip of my Adidas Hoodie" (2 of 2)
Within the Woods (Evil Dead's Prototype)
Mudbath In Star Trek Uniform.
Messy in the River
CNN airs portions of Du'a Khalil Aswad's stoning
The cursed videotape from the original 'Ring'
Japanese Horror Theater - Cat's Paw
Japanese Horror Theater - Cat's Paw
Japanese Horror Theater - Cat's Paw
Teenangels ... where teens are the Internet Safety Expert
Hausu (House) - Melody gets eaten by a piano
Cabin Fever - Pancakes
Creepy Breastfeeding English People
Lower Back Pus Evacuation
Collection of violent tornadoes and aftermath
Exorcist Spider Walk (with pooch)
"The Exorcist" (original [rejected?] trailer)
Slimed With Peanut Butter
Obsessive Male Backstreet Boys Fan
Maximum Overdrive - Steamroller crushes kid
Card Captor Horror
Live filarial worm removed from human eye.
Therian Interview
The Wyoming Incident 3
The Wyoming Incident 2
The Wyoming Incident
Shaye St. John - Wire Therapy
Coke Poured on Raw Pork Draws Out Worms
Realdoll birthday party
The Gargoyle Who's Scared of Heights
Murder scene from Profondo Rosso (Deep Red)
Pogo Stick Death from Leprechaun
T. Blondi Eating a Mouse
Golden Knee vs Fuzzy Mouse
Mexican prank show
Trailer for Blood Diner
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 - Radio Station scene
Anna Nicole Smith takes her baby out for a stroll
samwell - what what (in the butt)
Mirror Ghost
Response to Dax Flame - Anonymous221 encourages Dax to kill himself.
The Final Blog of Daxflame...?
Alien -The Dinner Scene
The Chicken Dance
Paper Rad - Troll Sighting
The Ayn Rand Sampler!
Viy (short clip)
Paula Abdul is a mess.
Corey Haim - Me, Myself and I
A new car for her birthday
The Hobbling Scene from Misery
Shaye St. John - Rotten Lousy Kid
Shaye St. John - Holiday Shaye
Mandy P n' Smarticle - What I've Been Looking For
Dancing in the Dark
"My Girlfriend Is A Doll" part one
Scary Mary
Objectionable Apparatus
Hadji Girl
Nornna - The Night Eeyore Went Crazy
Nornna goes to Burger King
Live Action Suzumiya Haruhi clip
They Love Horses
Trailer for "Rampo Noir"
Naked Blood - Eye ball Snackin'
Naked Blood - Fish Fingers
Iraqi Kids Run For Water
Zombie vs. Shark
Sexual Spiderman
Danny Nobrega Talent Showcase
Tarako Live!
Zipster takes a survey.
Ape Head on a Roomba
A scene from "Halloween 3: Season of the Witch"
Qupie Tarako on the streets of Japan
Tickle Me Elmo TMX on fire
Moleytron - "This is my New Face of HATE!!!"
Japanese Daniel Powter
Erotic Hypnotic Voyeur Video - Butterflies
Tickle Me Elmo TMX
All My Children - "Mike Patton is not God!"
Junji Ito's The Long Dream
Junji Ito's The Long Dream
Junji Ito's The Long Dream
Junji Ito's The Long Dream
Junji Ito's The Long Dream
Junji Ito's The Long Dream
Junji Ito's The Long Dream
Horror Brunch
Frogs (1972 Theatrical Trailer)
Scary Maze: The Beginning
Robotic Albert Einstein
Pelt Trailer
The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed-Up Zombies (1964 Trailer)
Shaolin vs. Evil Dead (Trailer)
William and Cheese
The Giant Little Girl and Elephant Marionettes
Dawn of the Dead - Intro Titles
Bart The General
Lordi- Would You Love a Monsterman
Air guitar to 'Hardrock Hallelujah'
The Eyeball Scene from Zombi
Halloween III: Silver Shamrock
Gigantic Zit
Frankenhooker quickie
Furry Call To Arms
Cake Song
Con Air Dailies
Zombie Movie
Japanese ghost
The Beyond trailer
City of the Living Dead trailer
Zombi trailer
Rubber Johnny
Peter Parkers transformation into spiderman
Gigantic woman eats a whole turkey.
Fursuit Vore: Rabbit being eaten by a Whale
Stay Alive Trailer
Four Creepy Babies Laughing
The Goddess Bunny
Morning Masume VS. THEIR OWN BRAINS!
The Cat with Hands
Death Date
Carnival of Souls
Feast of Fools, Victoria Lamarr #2 Marilyn Lives!
Nosferatu (1922)
Night of the Living Dead
The Demon Within

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